60 thoughts on “Game 67: Seattle at Minnesota”

  1. Day game!!!!

    Ill take Sano for a HR (checks line up card).......

    uh....actually check that Im taking Polanco instead.

    1. Romero didn't really do anything to deserve being called up and Eades didn't do anything to deserve being sent down. I know, "fresh arm for the bullpen", but if Romero's in the game today either we're way ahead, we're in big trouble, or we're in about the fourteenth inning.

  2. I'd like to see a breakout inning soon. Pineda is throwing great, but, well...

    1. I mean - if you were to try and put a limit on each pitcher in the bullpen right now in an attempt to cover for their deficiencies you wouldn't have any options once the starter gets into any trouble.

      1. I didn't say he wasn't an option, I just wished he wasn't needed there. Like Pineda getting that last out, or not starting the inning to begin with.

  3. Heh, according that Polanco graphic, his 13 game hitting streak has managed to lower his OPS.

      1. oh. i need to go back and look at the rules. he had an AB after i said that, so you can go ahead an negate the previous point i guess.

  4. I how after a disappointing loss, this team just puts a beat down on the team the next game.

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