88 thoughts on “2019 Game 71: Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins”

  1. Twayn... I am having dinner with a certain brother of ours, who also grew up in my hometown.

  2. I know it’s unintentional, but the background animation of MLB’s new “Commercial break in progress” screen evokes the bridge scene from Chernobyl.

    1. I've been waiting for a commercial to see if I see it as well, but then I remembered I'm watching on fox sports and I had a seizure.

  3. Berrios has been brilliant since that first inning. The offense really owes him right now.

  4. Not in favor of the Twins' best hitter bunting guys to second and third with no outs. Why give up an out? It's the 8th.

          1. I might be willing to dial it back because my hatred of last night's game could be clouded by this. I didn't even have the sound up, but I can still imagine how awful their take was on the bunt and that puts me in a really foul mood,

  5. Ugh, play for one run...

    FFS, the team on pace to shatter the single season hr record should never be bunting.

  6. That was the most Gardy-ass inning I've seen since Gardy was here. Berrios is getting Felix Hernandez'ed.

  7. At least my cats are trying to kill each other so I have something entertaining to watch.

      1. Yea, ditto. Nothing all that embarrassing about getting shut out. Yesterday's loss after loading the friggin' bases every inning was much more frustrating.

        1. Eh, they still scored six runs on Sunday so it isn't like nothing was working. A case could be made that the five error game against the Mariners was more embarrassing, but I think getting shut out is bad if you do it to yourself.

      2. I disagree and stand by what I said. For one thing, they are 4-1 against the Royals and even 100 loss teams still win 62 games. My problem with last night was that they basically did it to themselves by putting together awful at bats through most of the game, then when they finally do get something going against a relief pitcher, they abandon what's worked for them all year and went small ball.

          1. I remain unconvinced. That was just a bad game with bad pitching and hitting. An off night, if you will. Last night was an off night offensively compounded by making uncharacteristic decisions that actively harmed their ability to score runs.

            1. Was it an off-night or did Porcello have a good game? The Twins getting nothing going until a reliever came in implies that Porcello simply had a good game. They totally squandered their chance but it's pretty easy to see the bunt working out with a sacrifice fly instead.

              1. I think Porcello had a good game. I wasn't able to watch a lot of it (Newbish wanted to play with his new glove and scooter), but the bits and pieces I saw seemed to imply that his breaking stuff was on point. And, as you say, they got after the first reliever that got brought out pretty quickly, so I think it was more of them running into a buzzsaw than them having a particularly bad night at the plate.

              2. I say it was an off night because, while Porcello did have a good game, the Twins looked to be having some pretty bad at-bats up through at least the fifth inning to help him have that good game.

    1. I felt like that was the case, but in that situation, don't you think you'd try to get his attention and say "oh God no this is a horrible idea swing away"?

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