26 thoughts on “July 9, 2019: VGjr.”

    1. That was the first thing I thought of this morning, when Alonso had won the derby but everyone was going on about Guerrero.

      1. I disagree. I'm not necessarily looking for the dead ball era to make a return, but three true outcome baseball isn't as interesting to me as hitters and fielders running.

        I mean, I love the Bomba Squad, but I'd love it just as much if they were raking doubles to the gap and scoring Buxton from first on an infield base hit.

          1. I mean, if they want to deaden the ball a bit after the Twins break the record, I'd be fine with that.

            The home run derby should keep using the superballs. Last night was a flat out joy.

            I watched a lot bit of the beginning with Newbish. During Vlad's first round, he kept looking up at me and shouting "he hit ANOTHER home run!"

            Yes, son. He sure did.

            1. The thing I like about the juiced balls for the Twins is that they're hitting them out at a historic pace while not really giving up any.

              I completely missed the derby because I didn't even know it was last night. Whoops.

                1. I almost turned it on, but then I thought of Berman and passed. I spent too much time last night reading and watching the news trying to figure out how many immensely powerful people are going to be brought down in the Epstein case. I truly hope this creates even more of an awakening of public consciousness on the sex trafficking problem we have in the world. So disgusting!

                2. Berman didn't announce it. All he would have said last night was "back" 350 million times. They did not wait for balls to fall as in the rules. It was rapid fire.

  1. Since our hand-wringing post about Sano on June 20th, he's hitting .273/.344/.673 and hitting a home run every 10 plate appearances.

        1. The sample size feels pretty small yet, but for a good stretch there in June, he looked like he was behind everything and was resorting to guessing as a result. He doesn't look like he's guessing anymore.

    1. The only players on the Twins with a better OPS for the season than Sano (.896) are Cruz, Garver and Arraez. His OPS would also be his best since his rookie season (.916).

  2. Eating at Zorbaz in DL. Pregame interrupted periodically by weather (tornado out near Breakenridge). No TV volume, so saved from Buck and Smoltz. Saw the introductions (go Twins)

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