33 thoughts on “July 10, 2019 – Ticker Tape”

  1. So I am now in a state of very cynical skepticism with the new Wolves FO and I will remain there until proven otherwise.

    1. Well given the state of the Timberwolves over the past... checks notebook... 30 years, this should be a mandatory take.

      Also good thing you aren't a fan of The Wild, their new GM seems to be throwing darts at at a spinning top to make decisions.

      1. Sounds fun!

        I mean, I prefer the non-asshole face this FO puts on as opposed to the Thibsden regime. But I'm not so much a fan of the "we have a path to do this" followed by failing to do that.

    2. I still have hope.

      They say they want a fast-paced, athletic team with positional flexibility. Tyus doesn't fit that vision.

      With all the talent in the West, how does a team with Dieng, Wiggins, and Teague on those awful contracts compete? Those are all the fault of Thibs.

      I don't think you can pass judgement until 2021-2022 season. It sucks, but the only way it is quicker is if Wiggins turns into a top 20 player.

      1. I've followed this team from the beginning, I've decided it is a set up for let down to have hope.

        I think letting Tyus go for a pretty reasonable amount of money considering how well he runs an offense is a mistake. But as I said above, what really has me on guard is that Rosas has twice now said he has a plan to make something happen. He failed hard at it the first time and its looking like he'll fail at the second one as well.

  2. Ha, my first thought was that this was a reference to one of the songs on the new album from The National.

    But it is also an excellent cup in its own right.

    1. I swear there is a "didja know Oregon Trail was developed in Minnesota?" story every year or so in the media. I guess they pull that sucker out every time they need some more #localangle.

  3. Light a candle at an alter for us, or just send some positive vibes. The Mississippi is looking like it could top the levees in New Orleans.

    1. Saw a picture of the m-i-l's car abandoned on Calliope today having been driven into waist-deep water. I'm guessing she's managed to total that thing.

      1. I’ll take it off her hands for the insurance fraud.

        Calliope isn’t the high ground anymore if it ever was

          1. Eye roll emoji!

            But seriously, apparently it's now at a private impound. I can't wait to hear how quickly insurance laughs at her.

    1. Lordy...the comments!

      Kilted Samurai
      Barry Petchesky
      7/10/19 10:57am
      What? Are they building a gate to the Upside Down underneath Paul Brown or something??

      Eli Manning stars in: Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!
      Kilted Samurai
      7/10/19 11:20am
      “Yeah, the Demogorgon has had some off the field issues in the past, some trouble with the law, but everyone deserves a second chance. We got solid production from Pacman and Vontaze in previous seasons, so we feel there’s a lot of raw talent to work with here that’s worth taking a flier on.”


      Barry Petchesky
      7/10/19 11:07am

      7/10/19 11:13am
      I did very poorly that semester

  4. Rip Torn has died. I thought he had done so already, actually. Maybe I had in my head the strange armed, breaking and entering from a few years back.
    He had a pretty robust film- and theater-ography.
    No mention of the classic DodgeBall, though. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

  5. And RIP to Jim Bouton, as well. I once randomly had a conversation with John Stossel about his time working in the same news crew as Bouton and Geraldo in the 1970s.

    1. Well that's kinda cool. I got tired just watching. Would be fun to see analysis on swing consistency initially as compared to the end of the clip. My untrained eye saw a lot more variation in position and form in that last round.

      1. He was pretty clearly exhausted during the last round. The swings were a lot less refined and a lot more wild. And the ball STILL traveled halfway to the moon whenever he was able to connect.

          1. Right? On the radio yesterday, I think I heard Jayson Stark estimate more than 400 pitches thrown (pitches were coming before the HR's were landing), with Vladdy swinging at like 180 of 'em!

            from the four-letter:

            Pederson's matching Guerrero's 29 home runs to force the minute-long overtime was a tad surprising, and his following Guerrero's eight home runs with eight of his own was perhaps even more so. Pederson was taking the volume approach, swinging 84 times to Guerrero's 73 in those five-and-a-half minutes.

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