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    1. Stashak has been pitching really well in Rochester. I don't understand why they'd send Littell out, though.

        1. That's about the only reason I can think of. Not sure why they wouldn't send down Stewart, instead, though. Except that Littell has pitched on three consecutive days.

          1. Three consecutive days, but a grand total of two innings and thirty-four pitches. I don't think that's exactly being overtaxed.

          2. Stewart only pitched 1 inning and had been called up just the day before. Littell will be fine. They DFA-ed Morin and Magill to keep him on the roster.

            1. I don't doubt Littell will be fine. I just don't think it made a lot of sense to send him to Rochester for ten days.

      1. He has fantastic numbers last year and this year. 12 K/9 along with a Rhu_Ru-pleasing 2 BB/9. Too bad he's another righty in the pen but he should do well in MLB.

      2. I'm so out of it, I thought this meant the Twins somehow had Anthony Swarzak back in their system.

    1. Now you hit the ground running in Tokyo
      From Kawasaki to Ebisu
      Yokosuka, Yokohama, and Shinjuku
      Shibuya, Roppongi, and Harajuku

      I’d be willing to bet most of those places had never been named in a country song before.

    1. Is that the only content MLB has anymore? He almost always has about one quarter of a decent idea for a list, then just sort of half baked it through the rest. Jorge Polanco could theoretically be the Twins' most likely HoF player, but...that's the type of content you see on Bleacher Report.

  1. I know we've talked about it before, but the combination of Star Wars and Yankees does not bring up good memories for me.

    On May 17, 2002, I walked into the theater to see Episode 2 the Twins had improbably pulled ahead, 9-8.
    When I came out of the theater, they had just gone ahead 12-9 in the 14th.

    It was all downhill from there.

    So, please, let us not mix our Yankees and Star Wars. Let us instead choose something happier. Like getting bludgeoned.

    1. Weren't there a couple happy events associated with that date? And if I recall, weren't some of your miseries largely self-compounded?

      1. No self inflicted wounds can mitigate the harm that is Episode 2 and/or a Yankees walk-off grand slam.

      1. I'd nearly forgotten about that game ... where's he* at now?

        edit *Thielbar. I did not see that he was with the Saints the past couple of seasons.

    1. Apparently I took my eye off the ball sometime in 2015. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather just now, learning an LCS would carry the name of a state capitol and the largest city. Sounds like the Navy has really changed its warship naming scheme!

      Back in the day, the USS Minneapolis and USS St. Paul were cruisers. Cruisers slowly became less prestigious, and eventually Navy started naming its attack subs after major cities, which conveniently mirrored the shift of state names from battleships* to boomers. (Now, it seems, all subs regardless of type will be named after states.) Other major cities gave their names to the various flavors of LPDs, LKAs, & LSTs. Last I knew, that seemed to be continuing with the San Antonio-class LPDs; I figured eventually Minneapolis-St. Paul would get that treatment. Then again, one of those wouldn’t fit through the Seaway. So, I guess I understand, and it’s neat that Minnesotans can see her commissioning in home-state waters. (All that, and I didn’t use the words “tin can” once. Oops!)

      * I have a few BBs left to visit before I start on the few cruisers still afloat. A buddy & I are talking about a weekend dash to visit the USS Texas in early autumn, before she’s towed to Alabama for restoration. After that, I really want to visit the USS Olympia...)

      1. Funny you should mention the USS Texas - the only commissioning ceremony I've witnessed was when I was on active duty, working waterborne security in Galveston for the commissioning of USS Texas (SSN-775). By all accounts, it was a great event, though I only experienced it from the vantage of one of these.

        There's an effort in Saint Paul to get the sail of the USS Minneapolis–Saint Paul (SSN-708) here on the Capitol grounds as a permanent memorial.

        Though my Shellback certificate is long-mislaid, this Son of Neptune cut his teeth on a tin can.

        1. Presley O’Bannon! A good namesake for any ship.

          Getting the sail for the Capitol grounds would be very cool, and quite the undertaking.

          Designated Driver duty strikes me as a great opportunity to cut one’s teeth in today’s Navy. Despite the legacy of the old school ‘cans & the razzing one might get, the modern ones seem pretty right-size. Getting one’s first duty aboard a bird farm or gator-freighter seems like a ripe opportunity for getting spoiled.

  2. Garver and Cruz to HR. Twins to win. I don't think I get points for that last part, but I wanted to express it somewhere.

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