2019 Game 89: New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins

After a hot start, things have decidedly cooled down a bit in downtown Minneapolis. Though the A's are no slouches, the true test comes to Target Field tonight in this clash between division leaders. I don't think I'm the first to say that this three game series could tell us a lot about what kind of team we have here. Just for fun, let's see how hopeless everyone is:

How Many Games Will the Twins Win This Series?

  • Two (53%, 8 Votes)
  • One (40%, 6 Votes)
  • Three (7%, 1 Votes)
  • Zero (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 15

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Anyway, for tonight's game, Cap'n Cheeseburger faces off against Martín Pérez as the Twins hang on to first place in the Central for dear life. In other roster news Thorpe and Stashak are called up, Littel is DFAed, Cron to the IL, and as of press time it doesn't sound Bux is coming back today.

All right, everyone, buckle in tight, cause here come the Yankees. Drink up, Twins fans!

166 thoughts on “2019 Game 89: New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins”

  1. I'm eating a slice of New York style bacon cheeseburger pizza from Racanelli's, St Chas County's finest pizza place, and I'm going to eat it all up, just like the Twins lineup will do to CC

  2. Now let's add on some more runs. I don't think two is likely to be enough. But two per inning would be more than acceptable.

  3. This team needs to make a trade. Sooner than later. We need a boost to both our starting rotation and the bull pen.

      1. A starter that would come in and be a clear #3 and someone that wouldn't have me putting a lot of money on the Twins losing in October to supplement my christmas budget.

        A reliever that doesn't suck all the hope out of me when he comes into a game.

        I don't follow enough baseball to appreciate the contractual situations to identify or debate this guy over that guy. I have been a Twins fan long enough to know they have an ownership group that is more concerned with the balance sheet than the October box score.

        I get the reasons why people don't want to waste prospects on Bumgarner. But Im not betting big on the Astros in game 3 with Bumgarner starting.

  4. I have never understood wasting the 0-2 pitch with an obvious ball well outside the zone.

  5. Roy Smalley's really nailing his analysis as he repeats that Luis Arraez is "a baseball player"

        1. Morris, I think. Torii's a reasonably close second.

          I recall Smalley being decent, but he's been pretty rough in this stint.

          I'd be all for Morneau coming back asap

  6. That's a double-play against the A's. *

    *Maybe not, but I'll be having nightmares about their infield defense for weeks.

  7. As good as this team has been HR wise - they have been that bad bases loaded wise. Let's hope that changes here......

    1. Team OPS with runners at
      12- 802
      1-3 877
      -23 909
      123 534

      Clearly, what teams need to do against the Twins is walk the bases loaded.

    1. I would not have thought you'd get an RBI for catcher's interference, but Cory says you do. I learned something, I guess.

  8. A classic:

    Captain Cheeseburger.
    You are fat and butt ugly.
    Put your hat on straight.

  9. Now LeMahieu is a "baseball player." I seriously remember Smalley being decent. What happened?

    1. I think there might be a difference being in the booth as a clear short term replacement vs. being in the booth as a try out for the long term job.

  10. Wow. Bullpen pitcher covering first base about as well as bullpen pitcher pitches to protect a lead. SMH.

  11. Mitch Garver definitely does the "Tecmo Bowl receiver who scored a touchdown" celebration whenever he gets to second base on a homerun.

    1. x4 multiplier = in effect only if you correctly predict two pre-game homers (can be same player). No points if both players don't do it.

      Both solo homers, but still I think at least eight points. Unless it's x4 of the three points for three solo shots.

      1. Plus this one: x2 multiplier = Double your daily total if your player hits a second homer ?

  12. I really think Matt Chapman would have created at least four more outs this game defensively. Not even kidding.

  13. Provus says the Twins tie the Red Sox from sometime in the '70s (missed the exact year) in number of times they hit five or more home runs in a game. This was their eighth game in the season and there are still a few more games to go to break the record.

  14. That is a great win. Excellent defense, great hitting, bullpen stepping up big time.

  15. In my opinion, you keep Thorpe up now. His stuff clearly plays at the big league level. Find a place for him. If that's the bullpen, so be it.

      1. I definitely think that Littell should stay with the big club for the rest of the season once he comes back. It's just too convenient to send him down when we have these bullpen crunches

    1. I was going to mention something about the new numbering system of the last couple of games, but I didn't want to jinx anything since it seemed to be working out in the Twins favor.

  16. So, philo's points:

    Garver: 2 solo homers x 2 multiplier = 4
    Cruz: 1 solo homer = 1


    x4 multiplier for picking both = 20 points

      1. Meat 1,000
        Philo 28
        jeff 16
        nibbish 14
        HJ 9
        beau 9
        zoomx 7
        rhubarb 6
        BrianS 5
        twayn 4
        free 3
        davidwatts 3
        rowsdower 2
        cheaptoy 2
        socal 2
        DreadPirate 1
        geoff 1
        sean 1

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