2019 Game 130 or so: Tigers at Twins

Starting Lineups

Win Probability: 61.7%

There's been a decided turn in the weather the past week - cooler and drier, almost autumnal. It's the kind of weather that prompts one's mind to pivot towards fall. The leaves changing colors. A touch of frost on the grass of a morning. And my favorite team battling a worthy rival in a close-fought pennant race. Never mind that the Twins followed up their most recent butt-kicking road trip by coming home and screwing the pooch against the Pale Hose. Today is ripe for a little redemption. Here's hoping they win this game and series and salvage a split on the home stand.

Martin Perez starts for the Twins today. He's had some ups and downs this season, but a cursory glance at this BBR.com page will show that for the most part, we got what we paid for. In most major stat categories, Perez's performance metrics for the year are all closely aligned with his career averages. Taking the ball for the Motor City today is lefty Matthew Boyd (6-9, 4.24 ERA, 201 K) in his first start since coming off paternity leave. He was oh-fer in his three starts at Target Field last year. Play ball!

46 thoughts on “2019 Game 130 or so: Tigers at Twins”

  1. I am feeling oddly optimistic about the outcome of this game. We'll see if my optimism is justified.

  2. Been a busy weekend so I haven't been a very good fan. It'd be nice if KC can not screw their game up.

          1. I'm no big fan of Smalley's, but I did enjoy his comment about looking at the Royals roster to see who might pitch the tenth.

    1. What happened? It was two outs in the ninth with a three run lead and one baserunner last I saw on the scoreboard

  3. If Romo or Rogers would have had to come in, I think they'd have sent Thorpe back to Rochester as soon as Roco took the ball from him.

      1. I read someplace, and it seems to be true, that the Twins are putting shorter pitch counts on some of their Rochester starters so they'll be more available to be fresh arms for the Twins bullpen if needed.

  4. Stashak and Thorpe both had sub-3.00 FIPs coming into today. I think we have more depth than we realize, especially compared to the rest of MLB, where very few teams have dominant relievers.

    1. In 8.1 and 13.1 innings respectively. Let's wait a bit longer before using their FIPs as predictive.

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