32 thoughts on “August 27, 2019: Free Tix”

  1. If CH is around - The Russian Rugby Union is streaming their match against Jersey right now, with Russian commentary.

  2. So the supporters section is a blast but you have to stand and chant the whole time which obviously some people don’t like. There’s no exact pressure to chant but you’d look foolish not amidst all that. Not rowdy or crude, very inclusive. I recommend that section at some time to for the experience.

    East side stands gets some sun but maybe not too bad this late in season.

    There really isn’t a bad seat in the place. Enjoy.

  3. So my old band director is playing tuba for Weird Al at the State Fair tonight. That might be the coolest sentence I ever write.

        1. As do mine. They have wondered at me many times why we haven't scheduled a major vacation there.

  4. [redacted]

    1. Instead sounds like Buxton started his rehab too early.

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