15 thoughts on “September 12, 2019: What’s The Time?”

  1. Yankees with 2 homers today so far in first game of a DH, so Twins have work to do on the HR front. Yankees have played 1 more game than the Twins coming into today, so after today, assuming the Twins get their game in, the Yankees will have played 2 more games.

  2. Jeez guys, I go off the grid for a week and all hell breaks loose. Big Mike suspended, 1/3 of the team injured, Yankees closing in on HR record. What else I miss? Garner get picked up by the Astros on waivers? I can’t leave you guys for a week without the whole place going to hell?

  3. So, there is a regular season game on FOX network tonight (ATL-PHI) when was the last time a regular season baseball game was on network TV not on the weekend? 1980s?

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