Friday Music Day – Country Music

Anyone watch or watching the Ken Burns gig on Country Music? I just have the last episode to left. Very good. I like the focus on different artists and would love to have off-shoot mini Burns documentaries on some of the characters we were introduced to, some we know very well (Johnny Cash) some we don't (Jimmy Rodgers). One thing I learned is that the George Jones song He Stopped Loving Her Today was released in 1980! I would've bet $100 that it was from the early 60s.

And completely unrelated, Gord Downie died two years ago yesterday. Here he is singing one of my favorite Guided By Voices songs.

Drop your lists if you got 'em.

8 thoughts on “Friday Music Day – Country Music”

  1. 01. "No, Doctor, No" – Mighty SparrowCalypso Awakening
    02. "John Henry Split My Heart" – Songs: OhiaThe Magnolia Electric Co.
    03. "Dwight Yoakam" – Sarah Shook & The DisarmersSidelong
    04. "Mrs. William" – Bonnie "Prince" BillyEase On Down The Road
    05. "Glory" – eskimeauxIgluenza
    06. "Infrared (Bagua)" – JlinDark Energy
    07. "You Did It To Yourself" – Black DietSouthside Desire/Black Diet Split EP
    08. "Laying On A Bed Of Roses" – The MuffsBlonder And Blonder
    09. "Sleep" – Godspeed You! Black EmperorLift Your Tiny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
    10. "i'm the only one who could ever love something like you" – absinthe father good enough

    b. "Kansas (Remembers Me Now)" – Orville PeckPony

  2. How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths
    40 (live) - U2
    Check Yes Or No - George Strait
    Answering Machine - The Replacements
    Little Triggers - Elvis Costello

    Roll With It - Steve Winwood
    Mrs. Robinson - The Lemonheads
    Situation Gone Bad - The Features
    Suzannah's Still Alive - The Kinks
    Milk It - Nirvana

    Three Dog Night had the hit version on "Liar" but Argent rips it up here.

  3. Mrs. A loves classic country music. I can take it or leave it, but I do find some songs I enjoy.

      1. I fully agree. I've stopped listening to current country. There are a couple of people who are actually trying to do something, but it's few and far between.

  4. Yup, watched it all and loved it despite being lukewarm on the genre. Cool hearing stories of Cash and Dylan bumping into each other.

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