29 October 2019: First Snow

The Poissonnière was quite excited to see the season’s first blanket of snow on the ground when she woke up this morning, which made me glad. I’ve been trying to help calibrate her sense of cold weather, being very mindful to not describe temps above freezing as “cold,” and resisting some pressure to bundle her up when the fall weather turns chilly. That’s not an easy balance when each parent has pretty disparate thresholds for cold tolerance. But I do think people are generally happier if they don’t view the weather as intimidating or oppressive in some way.

30 thoughts on “29 October 2019: First Snow”

  1. The puppy's first reaction to the snow was not positive. Her second impression was "this is delicious".

  2. I do think people are generally happier if they don’t view the weather as intimidating or oppressive in some way.

    I take the opposite view: an oppressive, non-anthropoidal force that spreads its wrath universally tends to unify us victims, and people tend to be happier when they've got a common foe to rail against.

    (I don't know if I actually take this view. I'm just throwing it out there).

    1. I prefer to see it as an challenge. Can I properly equip myself to endure what could reasonably be called life-threatening conditions? When I am able to boldly set forth against the deeep cold of winter, I take it as a sign of strength and competence, and reassure myself that I am indeed alive, and deservedly so.

      Or something like that.

      1. and deservedly so

        As opposed to much of the rest of the time, lest this comment seem unduly arrogant. I do recognize my "strength as merit," as a personal value, having problematic implications for me in the years to come.

    2. It's a mixed bag here; while the weather is definitely better in the winter, the driving conditions are much of the time worse -- freezing rain turning to snow, melting and then refreezing, then sleet...it's not the hard-packed snow 24x7 that I grew up with. I do take my MN upbringing seriously though, and never complain about the temps, often correcting people who use terms like "cold" and "freezing" when they really mean "chilly". Yeah, I'm that guy

    3. I don't mind winter but I sure like to complain about it. In my business it is a good icebreaker when striking up conversation. It's the Minnesota way. I honestly enjoy snow removal at the house. Like lawn mowing, it is a distraction for an hour or so from the hustle and bustle of life. I think winter in my area is beautiful, especially after a heavy snow, or when we have the fog that freezes to the tree branches and creates a thing of frozen beauty in the morning.

      Of course, I was much more negative about winter when I did not have remote start, heated seats and heated steering wheel.

      1. Minnesota winters are things to be endured, but to me the worst part of winter is the huge inconvenience. When it's really cold, it takes me 5 minutes to get dressed for a 15 second walk to the mailbox. In the summer, you can just open the door and go, no matter how you're dressed. Do that in the winter and it could kill you.

        1. See, now I would describe it as the opposite. I can toss my coat and hat on and go snowblow, but during the summer the simplest task out of doors reduces me to a stinky puddle of sweat.

          1. We must be related. I’ve always gone with the Jimmy Carter philosophy of putting on a sweater when the weather gets colder. Problem is that I can’t get more naked when the weather gets hotter.

            1. When it gets really cold, I can put on a sweater, a jacket, a heavy coat, long underwear, snow pants, two pairs of socks, heavy boots, and a stocking cap, and I'm still not warm enough.

      2. I don't like winter at all, but I've resolved this year not to complain about it. It is what it is, and it happens every year. And to be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that I have to travel out of town early on Sunday mornings, it wouldn't bother me that much. It's impossible to get a decent road report early Sunday morning, so you just have to make your best guess and see how it goes.

    1. I see this show is all ages. Do you think it would be a good idea to bring the 13 year old? He's taller than me but only weighs around 120. We'd probably stick towards the back. He's really into the new album.

      1. I think if you stuck to the back or the side wings, he'd be fine. I do think it will be a rowdy, heavy drinking crowd. The Armory is well designed to sell a lot of alcohol quickly.

        1. I'm a little surprised it is all ages. I think I'll buy two tickets and decide on the second person in April.

          1. Seeing that I’d have to travel to see him anyway I might just take that ticket off your hands should it be available. And I get off work, and if the flights are reasonable, and if .... we’ll lets just say I’d be interested in dreaming.

  3. No Twins played in any winter league games yesterday. So far, the Twins have far fewer players in winter ball than they've had in the past. That could change, of course--sometimes guys don't start playing until November or December. So we'll see.

    1. With the Twins' focus on rest during the regular season, I wonder if they discourage players to play in winter leagues, especially pitchers and/or those that had heavy workloads during our regular season so they can be better prepared for next season.

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