November 21, 2019: Up To The Minute

So, uh, does anyone have any sports news? As far as I know, absolutely nothing of substance happened yesterday. Would sure be nice if someone could regale us with a sports memory past instead of us just floating around in this tedious wanting of current events. Is the new 1991 Rewind post up yet?

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  1. Twins added some prospects to the 40-man to protect them from the Rule 5 draft:
    - Jhoan Duran
    -- Gilberto Celestino
    -- Travis Blankenhorn
    -- Dakota Chalmers
    -- Luke Raley

    40-man is at 37.

    Some bigger names that weren't protected and eligible for the Rule 5:
    Wander Javier
    Luis Rijo
    Griffin Jax
    Tom Hackimer
    Jovani Moran

    1. Twins did very well in the Dozier trade after "missing out" on De León. Smeltzer and Raley for two months of a below average second baseman.

      1. Then he signed with the Nats and helped them beat the Dodgers this year.

        Although, helped might be too strong of a word. He was on the roster. He was 0-for-4 against the Dodgers and was 0-for-6 with a walk in the WS run for the Nats. But he sure could sing and dance.

  2. Also, the Wolves lost to the Jazz. Wiggins had 24 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists but took 24 attempts to get the 22 points. At least 10 of the attempts (and 9 of the 14 misses) were from 3.

          1. AJ just hung around forever and hit just enough to keep his job. He had a 105 OPS+ with the Twins and then 91 with everyone else after being traded after his age 26 season. Fisk aged gracefully but still declined after age 30. His slow decline as a catcher is a big reason he's in the Hall of Fame because it's so unusual.

            1. Pierzynski had 9.5 rWAR with the Twins versus 12.9 with the White Sox. That's mostly from the vast gulf of PA difference but his second best season was his final with the White Sox at 35. Grandal can hit and catch better though. It's a good deal. I think it's less about needing him to be good when the rest of the team is but kicking the can of developing your own catcher down four years.

  3. A few tweaks to my Minnesota state flag idea. Both incorporate Rhu_Ru's suggestion of a sky blue and an adjusted North Star from hj. One features an even more stylized tree, the other is a stylized state outline (also via hj).

    1. Wha? No Latin motto!!!110011001.? How will the visiting Roman's know where they are?

      I like the top one - simpler design. Maybe add a Loon beak sticking in from the lower right.

    2. I didn't see the earlier iterations, but here are my thoughts, perhaps you've already considered and rejected these...

      I don't think that tint of blue works for me.
      While it might be "Sky Blue", it doesn't look like the sky. It's more "Robin's Egg" or "Baby Blue". Too much green, the yellow star doesn't pop.
      What's the RGB for it?

      Looking through blues on Wikipedia, I might like these:
      Jordy Blue (#8AB9F1 = 138, 185, 241) SAMPLE
      Vista Blue (#7C9ED9 = 124, 158, 217) SAMPLE
      Cornflower Blue (#6495ED = 100, 149, 237) SAMPLE

      Not sure about the yellow star. Aren't stars generally represented with white while the sun is yellow?
      With daytime sky and a yellow shining thing in it, it doesn't seem like L'Étoile du Nord.

    1. The boy is on a roll. Congrats!

      And I think we can surmise with all certainty that he gets his creative talents from his mother.

      1. And now there's another Jeter only ballot from Anthony Rieber, who literally dropped 6 players he previously voted for in hopes Jeter could go in by himself.

      1. Never seen that before. I've seen them take one in the facemask all the time, but I've never seen them like they're batting it away with their helmet. I wonder if that increases or reduces the concussion risk. For some reason, I think it would reduce it.

        1. Meh. A wobbly wrist shot from the point isn't going to concuss anyone. I have also never seen a goalie purposely make a save (debatable) with his helmet and am pretty impressed he directed it into the corner as he should.

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