27 thoughts on “November 29, 2019: Black Friday”

  1. For the past few years, I've used the Black Friday / Cyber Monday timeframe to pick up some nice deals and free shipping on baseball cards from COMC, but this year instead of free shipping on 25+ cards, they're offering it on $99+ of cards -- no way I can hide that kind of money from spousal inquiries.

  2. Logan Wade was 1-for-4 as Brisbane defeated Geelong-Korea 5-3 yesterday. He is batting .167/200/.250 in 24 at-bats.
    Aaron Whitefield was 0-for-4 as Adelaide lost to Sydney 5-0 yesterday. He is batting .238/.333/.429 in 21 at-bats.

      1. It's pretty unlikely anyone got in trouble for it or that they'll even notice with the volume of product moved this time of year.

  3. I have 2-3 non-shopping places to go to today, and I find myself going over in my head strategic routes that will avoid the glut of holiday traffic. I'm not finding good solutions.

  4. First round of Christmas cards goes out today. With the weekend & the USPS’ insistence on regional distribution centers, they’ll arrive Monday or Tuesday. Early enough to deliver maximum cheer, but still respectful of The Interval.

      1. It baffles me that so many people who scream bloody murder at the thought of government intrusion into their personal affairs have no qualms whatsoever about giving extremely personal information to corporations via social media and even pay good money for the privilege of having high tech spying devices in their homes and pockets.

            1. I think a lot of people never consider the myriad intersections between government and business. We learned during the NSA spying scandal that cell phone providers are more than happy to sell your records to the government. Any government, probably.

              1. So we're talking sports on Thurs and I mention something about cricket and like an hour later there is a Cricket ESPN article on my BIL's cell phone.

                1. That can usually be explained by location tracking. You and the BiL are known to be in close proximity so might have common interests.

          1. We have Sonos speakers (Alexa-compatible). They have a microphone that can be turned off.

            Nice speakers. I am a fan.

    1. We inherited one from the previous owners. I am not a fan of it, but if you wire it to your existing doorbell...you can use it as a ridiculously expensive conventional doorbell. Or if you get the (additional) chime, again you can use it like a conventional, even more expensive doorbell.

      I am campaigning to get rid of it, along with the August deadbolt, which we use as an expensive and inconvenient conventional deadbolt.

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