December 20, 2019: JD, Baby

As socal mentioned last night, seems the Twins are kicking the tires on Josh Donaldson to the tune of a four year contract, possibly for $100m+. You willing to go that high?

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  1. The Twins should be trying to maximize their roster’s top end & depth right now, and Donaldson goes a fair way to doing that. About the only thing he doesn’t give the Twins that they could use more of is a left-handed bat. Is 4/$100 too high, considering the rest of the offseason has basically involved retaining three pitchers in their thirties? I don’t think so, even if Donaldson isn’t a premier third baseman by the end of it. I don’t care what they claim; a deal like that, in isolation, does not hamstring their financial flexibility. What would concern me more is this improvement in the infield opening a door to the “impact” pitching addition being Dallas Keuchel.

    1. if Donaldson isn’t a premier third baseman

      And he doesn't have to be. If he can't field third well anymore, then move him to first or corner outfield. If he can't field at all, DH or bench bat. It's only four years and I don't expect him to be an elite fielder at third at the end, not everyone can be Beltré, but there are places for him to go when that happens.

  2. Some interesting Twins trade proposals on Baseball Trade Values’ trade boards that work out surprisingly even, given the site’s methods for calculating player values:

    + Nick Gordon for Yu Darvish, straight up (I'd ask for some cash/bonus money)
    + Brent Rooker & Rosario for Robbie Ray
    + Blayne Enlow for Chris Sale & 15m
    + Travis Blankenhorn for Kyle Seager & 18m
    + Gordon & Rosario for Caleb Smith

    There were a couple that really raised my eyebrows:

    + Jorge Alcala & Nick Gordon for Sale & Ray (Arizona gets Michael Chavis from Boston, which gets Alcala & Gordon)
    + Royce Lewis for Nolan Arenado & Jon Gray

    1. A couple of months ago, I spent like a week trying to remember who "Trend Worse" was before remembering it was Drew Storen, and the whole time I basically had Clippard's name coming into my head. I like this signing.

          1. Yeah, I don't think the FO is going to be able to pull off the impact pitcher signing or trade they'd hoped for, so incremental improvement is okay by me.

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