7 thoughts on “January 18, 2020: Emeritus”

  1. It's weird seeing the little boy who was only 5 when we bought our house (his family moved onto the street from Texas the same month so we've been very close since then) playing hockey on FSN North for Blake.

    1. Can relate. We moved into our current house in 2004. Our son started kindergarten soon after and our daughter the following year. Quite a handful of their classmates (and my daughter) played in the boys or girls high school hockey tournament at the X. I remember seeing them on the scoreboard video, or on TV and thought it was kind of neat watching them grow up. The other weird thing is I had a handful of bussers/hosts who were high schoolers when they worked for me back then. Now they are grown men and women with families and careers. Some of them super successful. In a few years, their kids will be working for me. Geez, makes me feel pretty old.

    2. Now I'm feeling even older. I haven't paid any attention to GW basketball in a couple of seasons since the dirtbag AD pulled a power play to fire the successful coach for some, let's just say, personal issues for the AD. Anyway, I just notice they are on television, and Jameer Nelson, Jr. is playing for GW. Senior was playing for St. Joe's against GW back when I was in college!

  2. About a month ago Mrs. Twayn did a marketing survey with the Minnesota Orchestra and won two free tickets, so tonight we're hearing Mahler, Ravel, and Debussy at Orchestra Hall. A hot toddy at Brit's after the concert might be in the stars as well.

      1. Tonight's Program:

        Blumine, from Symphony No. 1
        Rückert Lieder

        Jeux, Poème dansé

        Pavane for a Dead Princess
        Suite No. 2 from Daphnis and Chloe

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