30 thoughts on “January 27, 2020: Clean Sweep”

  1. I have seen a couple of references to John Altobelli being the son of Joe Altobelli, but none from what I would consider to be a reliable source. So I still don't know.

  2. Eilish certainly appeals to a younger audience. I dug Bad Guy last year, thought it might have shot to win song or record, but I did not expect the sweep. I did expect Best New Artist, but not really album.
    I've only ever heard her songs on pop radio which I don't listen to a whole lot. A friend of mine mentioned her last year and I listened to a couple of her songs (You Should See Me In A Crown, Bury a Friend). Didn't think much right away, but started to listen to Crown pretty regularly. Later picked up Bad Guy and started to really like it. Her music is not for everyone though.

    1. I was thinking last night that I was going to have to at least work through her album. I'm not even sure I've heard Bad Guy all the way through.
      Might also be a case where I'm familiar with songs but not paying attention to the artist. I'm prone to that.

    2. I don't mind a few of her songs (her new single is her best, imo), but her album seemed like kind of a mess.

      Then again, this is the group of voters that said with a straight face that a Bruno Mars album was the best album of its given year.

      1. I had to go to Youtube to check out some of her songs this morning since I hadn't heard any of her stuff. Not exactly my bag, but I've certainly heard worse and there's no shortage of dystopia and depression worthy of artistic commentary these days. On a related note, I had never heard Halsey before watching SNL this weekend but it made me want to hear more. Now that the daughters have left the nest my sources for hearing new popular music are mostly late night TV shows, I don't really seek it out, but if it gets pushed at me I give it a listen and if I like it I look for more online.

        1. Oh, definitely. Her music is interesting and as worthy of praise as any music out there. My post wasn't meant to be a "pop music is stoopid and shouldn't be talked about positively" jab.

          Except for the Bruno Mars dig, because I do not like Bruno Mars.

    3. Yeah, the daughter and wife both like her a lot. I have heard some of her music on the car radio (since I no longer have control of the music unless I am alone in the vehicle) and I think she is ok, especially compared to a lot of the other pop music out there. It's been a long, long time since I paid attention to any of the awards for music.

      Somewhat related, I thought this SNL bit was pretty on point and funny.

  3. Sending up the presale signal (freealonzo signal? can of corn signal?) for Roger Waters' "This Is Not a Drill" tour. I've found a Chase presale "541712" that might be one day earlier than the scheduled January 31st. I think there might be others that are two days early.

    (His last tour was a spectacle like I'd never seen before. Obviously this'll be even more political, but I'm in for at least the spectacle.)

        1. I flipped over to the game (thanks Hulu Plus!) with about 40 seconds left. The Wolves announcer (Jim Peterson? Is that still the guy?) was talking up the end of the losing streak while a Kings player was shooting FT's to drop the lead to 7 points.
          I thought it seemed early to say the game was over at that point, but then Okogie got fouled and went to shoot FT's and I decided I wasn't watching a free-throw fest for the next ten minutes.
          I'm not shocked that they lost.

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