26 thoughts on “February 9, 2020: Undefeated!!1”

    1. Funny, I've completely lost interest in this deal now. Make it, don't make it, whatever. I just want green grass, chalk lines on dirt, a sunny blue sky, and horsehide flying around. A hot dog and beer would be nice, too.

            1. 0. But obviously Boston has already succeeded in backing out of the original deal, so that's not on the table any more.

              My point is that if it's still getting done, then the Dodgers & Twins must still be happy with it.

                1. I don't think we can know until we know what the deal actually is. I saw somewhere that the additional player being discussed is not among the Twins' top ten prospects. As several of us suggested, giving the Red Sox a non-prospect roster filler guy, just to help them save face, might not be a bad thing.

  1. Here's an odd one that the local card shop owner uncovered: which former Twin led the league in Triples once and had 35 in his career, yet was only 13 of 31 in Stolen Bases.

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        1. As it stands, I would currently bet on Cave having a more successful career than Raley.

          He was always going to top out as a fourth (and corner) outfielder for the Twins. I still like this trade a lot.

            1. Not to come off as "the Pohlads are cheap" but legitimate question: Does anyone know where that $10m typically goes in the budget? That's a lot of scratch. Is it for player development? additional staff? Target Field enhancements? New super computer for the analytics staff?

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