14 thoughts on “FebRhu_RuARy 18, 2020: I Am Jack’s Don’t Even Want To Know”

  1. No numbers post today (or likely Thursday). I had to travel over the weekend, so I didn’t get enough time to write the dang things. Here’s an update on the voting, however:

    Owner % Vote
    1 Billy Martin 58.33
    2 Zoilo Versalles 60
    77 TIE 50
  2. Day 2 vacation. Woke up at 414am in Tucson, AZ. Couldnt fall back asleep cuz allergies. Went for an hour walk before waking up the wife at 7am. Go for a second hour walk with her after a light breakfast. Drive to the top of Mount Lemmon in our BMW rental, cuz sneaky good salesman at the rental place. Can confirm there was deep snow up there. Go figure. Back in the valley and eat a horrible, inauthentic Mexican meal. Go across the street for an awful Dunkel brew at a local brewery. 2 breweries this trip and both smell like urine. No breweries within 8 miles of hotel. WTF, who planned this vacation! Psttt... its me. Get back to the hotel and just woke up after a glorious 2 hour nap without two cats fighting over who gets to sleep on my ribs. So, vacation is going pretty well. First warm weather vacation for us since 2006. That was the year after our kids started hockey.

    1. The end of an era. I just piled my hockey kit up in the porch to go to the curb as soon as it stops raining tomorrow. Pads, gloves, sticks, stockings all in good shape. Helmet a little old'ish. My skates don't fit anymore since I started running - feet got wider.

      Not sure how this is gonna go down at the curb - usually anything with metal or copper goes in 5 minutes. They leave a guy to guard it why the other guy gets the pickup.

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