FMD: 2020/05/08

I've stopped worrying about wasting my office's bandwidth while I'm on their VPN. Bandcamp, Youtube, whatever.
I don't like leaving work in the basement sitting on the computer only to go the the computer upstairs to add different music to my iPod. And I need to keep searching for new things to listen to, even if they're old things. Like last week, I listened to a few records from the jazz saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders; all via Youtube.

3 thoughts on “FMD: 2020/05/08”

  1. 1. Black Dice “Pigs” Mr. Impossible
    2. Tristen “Baby Drugs” Charlatans at the Garden Gate/em>
    3. Scout Niblett “Nasty”*
    No More Nasty Scrubs 7"
    4. A Tribe Called Red* “The Road” Nation II Nation
    5. Default Genders “Christmas Card from a Scammer in Minneapolis (Live)”* Pain Mop Girl 2020

    6. Up, Bustle & Out “Emerald Alley (Indian Morning Theme)” Funkungfusion
    7. Plastikman “Pannikattack” Recycled Plastik
    8. LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” All World
    9. Lauryn Hill “Lost Ones (AMR edit)”* The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    T. Patty Griffin “Waiting for My Child” Downtown Church
    E. Mylo “Destroy Rock & Roll (Tom Neville's Clean Remix)” Destroy Rock & Roll (US Edition)

    3. Janet Jackson cover. Scout keeps the words as Jackson's original: "My name's not 'Baby', it's 'Janet'. Or 'Ms. Jackson' if you're nasty."
    5. This is not a live recording. New album (of mostly re-made songs): "i don't really see it is a remix album. [...] [a] point[] of reference one might find to be relevant [is] will oldham's 'bonne "prince" billy sings greatest palace music'...."
    9. My edit just removes the 70-second skit at the end.

    This week, I've been listening to various releases on Kompakt's Bandcamp, to which I'll return now that this is over.

  2. 01. "Jed The Humanoid" – GrandaddyThe Sophtware Slump
    02. "Afternoon Delight" – Starland Vocal BandStarland Vocal Band
    03. "Hope (Feat. Puff Daddy & Tei Shi)" – Blood OrangeNegro Swan
    04. "Old King Dooji" – Duke EllingtonVol. 2: The Cotton Club To Sweden
    05. "Rocket Number Nine Takes Off For The Planet Venus" – Sun Ra & His ArkestraGreatest Hits: Easy Listening For Intergalactic Travel
    06. "The Bug Collector" – Haley Heynderickx I Need To Start A Garden
    07. "Determined Outcome" – Sufjan Stevens & Lowell BramsAporia
    08. "The Answer" – SavagesAdore Life
    09. "Spoon Out My Eyeballs" – Benjamin BookerBenjamin Booker
    10. "Sawdust & Diamonds" – Joanna NewsomYs

  3. Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John
    Stand By Me - John Lennon
    Icky Thump - White Stripes
    It's Good To Be King - Tom Petty
    I.O.U - The Replacements

    Patience - Guns N Roses
    I Cant Surf - Revered Horton Heat
    Lonely Boy - Black Keys
    Sky Pilots - The Animals
    1999 - Prince

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