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FDMD: Flag Day Music Day

Father's Day Weekend Plans: Going tonight to Brother-in-law's cabin by Rush Lake with father-in-law, other brother-in-law (who's had that status under a month), my son (HPR) and my 4-year-old nephew (son of the BiL whose cabin it is). Gonna be fishing on Rush Lake... bought my first license in maybe 5 years. As my wife is one of three sisters (with no brothers), the only blood relations are to the two boys (to their fathers and grandfather).
Our wives and daughters are coming up on Sunday.
I don't know if I'll play any tunes, although the older BiL is a fan of Black Moth Super Rainbow, so we've got some overlap in tastes.
(This was just filler as there was no post and I had my list ready.)

Friday Music Day: 10/12/18

This week's music discovery: Locust Fudge, an early-90's alternative group from Germany, half of which was Dirk Dresselhaus, the man who would later record as Schneider TM. Their first two albums would have fit nicely between the Beck and Sonic Youth albums released at the time (1993 and 1995). Their third album was released last month. I've mostly listened to "Relativity Check" as the title sounds close to the Schneider TM hit "Reality Check", and as Schneider TM recorded it solo a few years back for a soundtrack. For more cred, I'll mention that J. Mascis plays guitar on the first track! I totally would have been into this band when those first two albums came out if they had been on a DGC records compilation or similar.

FMD: 20180223

Completely cleared my iPod and built it back up from scratch, in preparation for a family road trip to the Outer Banks of NC.
The kids and wife don't need the dozen hours each of Aaron Dilloway, Pan Sonic, Alice Coltrane, etc.
But I also need to be aware of content and language. (For reference: kids are ages 6-14.5)