47 thoughts on “May 19, 2020: Sorry, Sugar”

  1. Yesterday on FB MLB posted that they were going to show 1987 WS game 6 that night. I made the casual comment that it would be nice if they'd show one of the 101 wins last year and not a repeat (yet again) of game 6. You'd have thought that I'd asked them to play some random Yankees game. GREATEST GAME EVOR! WHEN"S THE LAST TIME TWINS WON A PLAYOFF GAME?! Pffft.

          1. Oh yes, both are in the mix, but Honest Abe has been obsessed with James Brown for several years, so we most frequently watch "The Old Landmark"

        1. I am not familiar with that podcast and will definitely be checking it out.

          Another song I thought of was "Treat Her Right". I grew up on The Commitments' version of it, and when I finally heard the original, I was like "what feckless mamby-pamby version of this song is this!?"

  2. I seem to have hit the online shopping phase of the pandemic. Some others here seem to be channeling that into purchase of yard equipment/power tools. Meanwhile, I guess I'll be looking extra stylish while working from home for the foreseeable future. 😂

      1. My wife has been purging closets and has in the process discovered Poshmark. Shoe arrivals daily.

        With great angst over summer activities, we have had discussions about hot tubs, saunas and pools. I also mentioned previously the trampoline in the wetland.
        None of these things will be enough to occupy anyone for very long.

      2. My desire to purchase a Goalrilla hoop is entirely tied to how much I wanted one as a kid. We bought a portable hoop a few years ago and have definitely gotten our money's worth, it is really fun seeing my 6-year old playing on his regulation 8' (-ish, since the driveway is sloped) hoop now. It is a great cardio workout too since we race down the driveway to try to stop the ball from going in the street if the rebound shoots off one direction.

      3. I've been thinking about an in-ground basketball hoop. The previous owners had one, then removed it. So right now there's a slab of concrete with a ground-down metal ring, precisely where I'd put such a hoop. I'm trying to decide if the better move would be to enlarge the area or dig up what's there?

        1. I mentioned something about digging holes recently. The concrete in your neck of the wood is likely 40+ inches deep. That's a project that will keep your kids busy all summer long, but more likely until there is a vaccine for the ronas.

    1. We just ordered a bed & mattress for the Poissonnière. Mrs. Hayes requested a pressure washer & (after six-plus years without one at home) a printer. I’ve purchased sandpaper, primer, paint, & paracord to refresh the clothesline & its poles.

          1. That looks to be the one I ordered, too. My preference was to rent one the few times a year we’d need one — I’d gladly pay a rental fee to let somebody else maintain & store it — but given the current circumstances, it wasn’t something I felt like digging my heels in on.

      1. Our printer was old enough that we couldn't get ink cartridges anymore, so a new one was procured in late March. The new one is wireless, and there's something delightful about being able to print documents from my couch.

              1. You've successfully trained a robovac to fetch printer papers? I'm only commenting on the training part, not willingness to actually do it. Plus, I think mine are younger and it's easier when you start early.

    1. Oh, man.

      Scientists have long insisted that the world must scale back carbon pollution significantly — and quickly — to mitigate the worst effects of climate change over the coming decades, although none have suggested that a deadly global pandemic is the way to do so.

      (From this article.)

    2. Got us all the way back to *checks notes* 2006 levels. It only took the largest individual collective action ever. Time to find a way to do 5x what we've already done and bam, solved.

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