FMD 5/22/20: I Need To Get Ready For A Summer Mix

Don't worry, we're not soliciting yet for summer mix material. I suppose that'll happen at some point. Or not. Either way...

I'm just working on my personal Summer Mix, which is usually ready over labor day weekend. It might take a bit longer this year. I usually try to identify at least a single new song that I think is going to really explode - In the past I've hit pretty well with "Pumped Up Kicks", "Feel It Still", and "Can't Stop The Feeling" - and I've whiffed on a bunch of others.

This year? I got nuthin. The only truly new song that I think will make the mix as it currently stands is American Aquarium's "The Luckier You Get" (again, I think anyone digging Isbell would like this group, from what I've heard. "The Luckier You Get" isn't necessarily typical of their other songs, many of which are more contemplative.).

I definitely don't have a pop song that I'm ready to grab. I don't know if the virus stuff is making it harder to get into new things, or what... but I'm just completely lacking that new summer song. So, if anyone has any ideas... I'm open.

Also, don't tell Pepper, but I think Courtney Barnett's "Everybody Here Hates You" is likely to make the cut.

Alright, here's that American Aquarium song, just for fun:

20 thoughts on “FMD 5/22/20: I Need To Get Ready For A Summer Mix”

  1. Hey now, hey now... Actually, I was going to make mention soon that people should start considering their WGOM Mix pix. I was considering to make some strange format or criteria due to the strange times, but then I figured people's picks would be weird enough anyway.

    So, keep that in mind, gang. Start getting you picks* for this summer's mix ready. Your only prompt is "Summer", and that includes this summer as well.

    * Nominations for "Don't Stand So Close To Me" by any artist** will not be accepted

    ** Possible exception for Angรฉlique Kidjo

  2. Never fear--Pepper has a vast network of spies to keep her informed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 1. Something--The Beatles
    2. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft--The Carpenters
    3. Dream a Little Dream of Me--Cass Elliot
    4. I Can Help--Billy Preston
    5. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me--Elton John
    6. Mandy--Barry Manilow
    7. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue--Crystal Gayle
    8. Dancin' in the Moonlight--King Harvest
    9. Lonely Boy--Andrew Gold
    10. Inspiration Lady--Gordon Lightfoot

  4. Not to be overly practical or anything, but are you asking people to put their nominations behind spoilers in this post? Or are you planning a separate post from that?

    1. I don't know about HJ, but I'm just asking for new songs that might check the box for me...

    2. No, this is NOT a nomination post. I'm just saying we'll have one soonish so people should start thinking about it. Like Phyllo said, it's a weird year so I thought it could use a heads up.

        1. I'm at 33:28, but I need to pause to make lunches...

          I'll finish at some point this afternoon!

  5. I totally forgot to play The Hu during my recent Guest DJ week. Shiny folk-rock (most of the promos I've read describe "Heavy Metal", but that doesn't seem particularly accurate) with generous helpings of Mongolian throat singing. Newbish and I particularly like "Sugaan Essena" (or "Black Thunder"), which was prominently featured in the recent Star Wars video game.

  6. 01. "The King's Horses" โ€“ Olivia Chaney โ€“ Olivia Chaney
    02. "The Water" โ€“ Lydia Loveless โ€“ Boy Crazy
    03. "Limbobo" โ€“ Throwing Muses โ€“ Ruthie's Knocking
    04. "180 days" โ€“ Ada Lea โ€“ What We Say In Private
    05. "In My Arms" โ€“ (Sandy) Alex G โ€“ House Of Sugar
    06. "Fort Nightly" โ€“ White Rabbits โ€“ Fort Nightly
    07. "Remain" โ€“ Jay Som โ€“ Everybody Works
    08. "So Long" โ€“ Marika Hackman โ€“ I'm Not Your Man
    09. "WoWa" โ€“ Namie Amuro โ€“ Queen Of Hip-Hip
    10. "Mini Skirt" โ€“ Sleepwalkers โ€“ Eccentric Soul Vol. 4: The Big Mack Label

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