2020 Game 6: Cleveland at Twins

Not so surprisingly, the Twins are one of the three best teams in the league by record at the time of this writing. More surprisingly is that the other two are the Rockies and the Padres.

It feels very strange to write about the Twins right now as if I believe the season will just go on, but for now, I foolishly remain hopeful that we had our one misstep and from here on out, it's smooth sailing. Cleveland, who's apparently mulling a name change also, sends Shane Bieber against Jose Berrios in what should be a good matchup, assuming Berrios goes ahead and forgets what happened on Opening Day (for his part, Bieber threw six scoreless against the Royals, with 14 of his 18 outs being of the strike variety. Bieber is extremely prone to giving up the long ball, however, so let's sit back and enjoy the three true outcomes tonight.

27 thoughts on “2020 Game 6: Cleveland at Twins”

  1. Honest Abe:
    [Groaning]: Dark blue? I wish they could wear light blue like yesterday again.

    1. AJ is actually pretty good. Of course here we get the Royals on tv and Rex Hudler will make anyone sound good by comparison.

  2. If Littell dropped that intentionally, it was a really smart play. If not, well, as the man said, I'd rather be lucky than good.

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