28 thoughts on “September 16, 2020: Is There Life On VEEEEEE-nuh-huh-HUS….?”

  1. While appearing on a virtual panel organized by Hofstra University's business school on Monday, commissioner Rob Manfred said the league's expanded postseason format featuring 16 teams would likely return in 2021 and beyond, according to Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post.

    "I think there's a lot to commend it," Manfred said of the format, "and it is one of those changes I hope will become a permanent part of our landscape."


    1. I feel so bad for people with young kids. Distance learning is tough on older kids. It's impossible for younger kids. I'm not sure of the right answer, but this isn't it.

    2. Does he/she have kids to talk to? I have seven year old who loves to get on Messenger kids and chat with her peeps.
      What's the primary issue? I noticed the "classes" are very disjointed, using only a fraction of the allotted time. Mine just goes and finds something to get into until the next round.

      1. He has no friends.

        It's the technology. Accidentally clicking out of apps, pressing the wrong buttons, and not being able to get help from the teacher because she's helping five other kids. The teacher is supportive, but my son is a perfectionist and with his autism already struggles with things that aren't orderly. Haven't met with his para yet, whenever that will be.

        1. That sounds tough--good luck to you and to him! My sister's oldest son (3rd grade) has autism as well and they're still trying to figure out how certain elements of his IEP (such as a social skills group) are going to happen virtually.

        2. Heartbreaking. The chaos makes my brain hurt. I'm so sorry for him. Wife was saying the District was suggesting prioritizing in-school time for kids that really need the help, but that there was some pushback on the schoolboard because that was somehow "unfair". I hope you'll get to make the case that he need in-person instruction...if that's in the picture for you.

            1. Rock and a hard place.
              Any chance he plays Roblox? Not that I would recommend any more screen time for anyone...but my kids like to and seem to be finding "friends" out there.

  2. Man, today’s sandwich is killing it. Left over grilled lamb and beef kebab on 12 gran (because no left over homemade pita) with home grown red leaf, home sprouted alfalfa, Kensington’s creamy curry sauce and a slather of labneh.

    1. Catered a retirement party at the Kensington Runestone Park near my town. We did 3 sliders: Seared Ahi Tuna, Korean BBQ Pork Belly and Philly Beefsteak. I was surprised in this area that the Pork Belly and Ahi Tuna were the fastest to go. I honestly could put Pork Belly on just about any dish and I would enjoy it.

  3. The peperoncino is in a pod with two other second grade boys and a nanny. Wednesday is a "catch-up day" at school, so the nanny took the boys fishing. One of the boys came upon a wasp's nest as they were exploring the area around the lake. The peperoncino was stung once, and the other two boys were stung twice. Never a dull moment, that's for sure...

  4. It was a nice run for the Dobberino. Hopefully comes back from St. Paul pitching better.

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