2020 Game 60 – End of the (ir)regular season Reds at Twins

The Twins head into the final game of the season knowing they will host a first round playoff matchup but could be playing anyone but TB and Oakland.

The Twins paid for those who bet OVER their season win total of 34.5.

Twins tied with Oakland as the team to go UNDER the total the most times going 20-35 (20 games OVER, 35 UNDER and 4 ties) including 9-19 at home with the most UNDER home games in the MLB,

I am in Vegas for the week and will be laying a few on the Twins to win the Series.

Today's scenarios:

  • #2 Seed - Twins win or Twins lose and Oakland loses and White Sox lose
    • #7 see could be
      • Cleveland if they lose and finish 34-26
      • White Sox if they lose and Cleveland wins both at 35-25
  • #3 Seed - Twins lose and Oakland wins and White Sox lose
    • #6 seed will be Houston
  • #4 Seed - Twins lose and White Sox win
    • #5 seed could be
      • Yankees if they win or Toronto loses
      • Toronto if they win and Yankees lose

Put another way -

  • Twins win
    • #2 seed play Cleveland or White Sox
  • Twins lose
    • #2 seed if Oakland and White Sox lose play Cleveland or White Sox
    • #3 seed if Oakland wins and White Sox lose play Houston
    • #4 seed if White Sox win and play Yankees or Toronto

There are no MLB games Sunday Oct 4 so baseball gods willing my next game logs will be game 1 of the ALCS on Oct 11 and if necessary game 5 of the World Series on Oct 25.


58 thoughts on “2020 Game 60 – End of the (ir)regular season Reds at Twins”

  1. I'm glad they got it right, but shouldn't the umpires have known whether that was a reviewable play without having to check with someone? I know it doesn't come up a lot, but still, these guys are paid to know these things.

  2. Just came up from a 5 hour session at the pool.

    First person I met was an Indian who now lives in Baltimore and is a PM for the SSA administration and we spoke about COBALT DB and the complexities of handling $1.3T in bank payments annually.

    Then when he went back up to his room a group of 8 people show up wearing Twins and Vikings gear - we enjoyed watching the Vikings lose but cover.

    Back up in my room for some food and to avoid further skin cancer from the sunburns and have the Twins game on.

    Great day.

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