18 thoughts on “October 8, 2020: Crosshatch”

  1. I permanently deleted my FB account this week, and I'm logged out of Twitter right now. 2FA creates that extra step that stops re-logging in easy so I have a chance to stop.

    Social media has just been such a drain lately I've needed to step back for my own sake.

    1. I love twitter. But I have very aggressive filters and follow the #minneapolis hash in Tweetdeck soley so I can't aggressively block idiots so I never have to interact with them when I'm talking about anything local.

      I'm still on FB too, but rarely interact and don't really have a lot of people posting much political in my feed anyway. As a dev it'd be hard for me to fully leave either platform.

  2. So, for a long time whenever I would go to Google News it always seemed to lead the aggregation with news from the UK, and I've been unable to make it change. I check my browser settings, set my VPN to use a US server, but it always stays on UK news as the top stories. Last night I was digging through some old computer stuff and found my Windows 10 installation disk I bought on ebay. Then I remembered, I somehow bought a UK version of Windows 10 and converted it to the US language pack after installation. So I think Google must still be seeing my OS as UK-based instead of US-based and feeding me news based on that. Even though I keep trying to tell them where I actually am.

  3. Just received one of the new 4th Generation Chromecast today and looking forward to giving it a spin. The TV in the master bedroom, although it looks great, it is not smart, so this should do the trick. The new Chromecast comes with a remote, and supports a slew of streaming apps, so now we should be able to access our viewing directly instead of having to cast from our phones.

    Also, I moved our extender to the master bedroom (as God intended) instead of Mrs. Runner's office, which is too close to the router and causes problems. Because her office phone needs to be direct connected, I had to run our long ethernet cable over two door frames and across the hallway ceiling (with a smoke detector assist) between the new extender location and her office phone, but now I'm pulling down near 200Mps on my office PC again. #Winning

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