45 thoughts on “October 24 2020.Brrrr”

  1. Getting some shaved ham from the deli to try my hand at ham/cheese/fig spread puff pastries. Does that count?

    Using leftover ham in scalloped potatoes. Does that count?

      1. And yeah... these turned out fantastic. Monterey jack and what the local guy told me was the high quality ham... can't go wrong.

  2. In line to vote at the smoothie king center. Very long line. Been about 40 minutes. I can now see the machines. 2020 is weird.

  3. I made Bihari green beans earlier this week. It was good for two dinners and two lunches for us. No mushrooms in this edition, but the potatoes help make it heartier than just the green beans in the original NYT recipe.

    I might make pav bhaji this weekend. Or maybe soup.

    Lots of good recipes from Citizens in the archives, people. (also, authors: PLEASE make use of the <!--more--> tag in your posts; it makes scrolling the archive so much easier).

    1. I've found the omission of mushrooms (because evil) and addition of chickpea to be quite nice in that dish. We make that one probably twice a month.

  4. I'm smoking a brisket and a rack of ribs on Sunday because 85 degrees.

    I'll make a pot of gumbo this week sometime. Going to oven method the roux while smoking meats tomorrow.

  5. My dishwasher float valve leaked about a year ago. Hot soapy water constantly dripped into my beautiful hardwood floors heaving at least two boards. This morning the good dr. started up the dishwasher and I noticed that there was a puddle of water forming under the cabinets. Sure enough, the impeller is leaking. I'm chucking this hunk of garbage in total anger and frustration. Yes, I could fix this leak, but I'm now in a blood feud with this dishwasher. Out it goes. I'm buying something a bit more high end anyway. But first I get to fix my floors. Pray for me.

    1. Last time we were in Scandia, the dishwasher crapped out. Some weird error message and the start button wouldn't return to the start position. We had something like this happen before (bought in 2014, use probably 25 times a year). Quality Is Job #1732.

      I called Bosch Not-Customer Service, who gave me the number of two "authorized" repair services in Minneapolis and Baldwin, Sconnie. Calling them, both said they no longer cover our zip code. I then tried to get a local appliance service that we've used before from Osceola, but they didn't return my calls, and so we were on the verge of buying a new one (not-Bosch) and tossing our old one into the river (a metaphor, folks).

      Then finally I called the cell phone of the guy that wasn't returning calls and got him in persona, and tried to sound nonchalant but begged him to stop over and take a look at it.

      This last week I showed up in Scandia, dishwasher fixed, and a bill on the counter for $100.

  6. Last night I had a grilled ham and cheese on marble rye with honey mustard that was pretty tasty. Mrs. Twayn is making chicken and wild rice soup today (as one reviewer has noted "That'll put dimples on your butt!"). Chicken enchiladas are in the short term forecast. Younger Daughter has been asking for her mom's cream of potato soup (topped with grated cheddar, bacon bits, and chopped green onion). And I have a ham hock and Andouille sausage in the freezer so red beans and rice or navy bean soup will be on the menu before long. There's also cube steak in the freezer so chicken fried steak, mashed taters and cream gravy will get a table date next weekend.

  7. So having been in Scandia for a week, returning to H'istan is requiring me to go into quarantine for 14 days (MN is on CT's bad list) - unless I get COVID tested and can show negative results.

    After registering for an appointment yesterday, I just went thru the drive-thru at CVS downtown Hartford and did the test. You poke the swab up your own nostrils and twirl for 15 seconds each, then break swab stick in two, and stuff the swab part into a little tube. Then drop the results in the lock box. Should have the results in 2 days.

  8. Steak and shrimp fajitas tonight. I also made a coconut chicken soup the other day using a grocery store rotisserie chicken, so tomorrow I'm making broth. Also made a huge pot of chili and since chicken noodle soup last week, so we're comfort fooding all over the place.

    Meanwhile, I got most of the paint off the bike frame today. The seat post is still stuck.

      1. I nearly broke a screwdriver. I think my neighbor has a bench vise, so I'll try that before bringing it to a shop. Grease your seat posts, people!

  9. 22 year Anniversary today for myself and my lovely bride. Have not seen her yet awake today. I worked from 830 am til 1100 pm yesterday. Busy at work plus a catering gig offsite for 100ppl. Long day. Today we have been as full as we are able since we opened our doors. Arranged someone to cover for me over dinner so I could see my bride but the volume of guests is keeping me here for a few more hours. I am currently cursing the 20 hockey parents who came in at 11pm last night and talked me into staying open til 1am to "talk". I am really feeling my 52 years of age today.

    1. I'm planning to stop by your joint for dinner Wednesday. I'll be making one of my grueling day trips to Thief River Falls.

  10. It’s been “cold” and cloudy here this weekend, so I made chili a couple days ago, tonight is tomato soup and grilled cheese, and tomorrow is going to be pot roast.

    1. My grilled cheese was Gouda with some thinly sliced apples. Nice idea, but the apples were too bland to add much. Adding some curry powder and cayenne to my bowl of tomato soup was a winner, though.

  11. Welp, Gophers wont be going to a National Championship this year. At least Iowa lost too.

    1. I’m still feverish so I’m not really believing what I just saw. I’ll read about it tomorrow to find out what really happened.

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