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      1. What is this nuance. Give me results. I voted and already support almost always these things altogether, although I'm not quite alright yet.

  2. Any video game fans following the absolute sh*t show that is Cyberpunk 2077? After years of hype and a VERY controlled review roll-out (PC only, short time to play in order to publish at the embargo lift) it turns out the game most people are playing on PS4/XBox is kind of a mess. The online fan base for this game is also intense, to say the least.

    Yesterday Sony pulled the game from the PSN store and is refunding purchasers, which is unheard of for them. This is after the developer put out a statement saying people can ask Sony, Microsoft, and retailers for refund...without talking to anyone about how that would actually work (console games are a one-way, pretty low-margin purchase for retailers so they definitely don't want opened games coming back). So the developer essentially put a flaming bag of sh*t on everyone's doorstep and Sony sure seems to be calling them on it and putting the game in the penalty box for the time being.

    I can't recall a highly-thought-of developer's reputation just crumbling through self-inflicted wounds quite like this.

    1. I had pre-ordered it for the Xbox a couple of years ago, but fortunately decided to cancel that order after the last delay. But yeah man, what a mess. I feel bad for the workers who put all that time in and all that crunch that wasn't supposed to happen and I hope some executive heads roll from this.

      The worst part about it, for me personally, is that I want to not buy it because of this but I'm weak and most likely will anyway. Although I have a gaming laptop now so I'll get the PC version.

      1. I've seen a whole bunch of ads for it recently, and I thought it looked kind of interesting - I've been considering adding a new video game lately, and something new vs. established seemed appropriate, so I'm not super far behind right upon starting. But all the fallout has definitely turned me off of this one.

    2. I've kind of kept up on it. It's a complete mess. It's kind of been amazing to watch.

      The crunch bubble really needed to burst. So many of these places have been pushing their workers to the limit, and everybody tsk tsks them, and then the game comes out, sells a trillion copies and wins every award. At least one needed to fall flat on its face.

      I'm not naive enough to think that this will change too much, but at least one of them finally had some negative repercussions.

      1. I enjoy watching Corridor Crew videos on YouTube, and they are while they review both wonderful CGI and "not so wonderful" CGI, they are totally apologetic to the later ones noting that they were probably under funded with an unrealistic schedule, so good on them for getting out what they managed to.

    3. I'm ignorant: why was this so highly anticipated?
      All I know about this game is...something about penises.

    1. So sad.
      He was basically Mr. Timberwolves having lived through all its incarnations .
      He'll be missed big time.

    2. I saw him at Target Field and said, "hey, that's Tom Hanneman". He overheard and replied, "That and fifty cents will get you a cup of coffee".

  3. So I went to the grocery store thinking steak and peppers for dinner, and ended up making fajitas.

    Whilst in the pepper section, I spied this package "Shishito Pepper Party Pack", "Mild and Tasty", "A Total Crowd Pleaser". They are about 4" long, finger-sized, and have the stems and innards/seeds still.

    Cooking instructions: "Wash peppers. In a large skillet, heat olive oil on med-high. Add peppers to pan, cook for 5-8 minutes until blistered and
    charred. Sprinkle sea salt and serve and it's party time."

    My commentary: The peppers were hot, and this boyo likes heat. I cleaned out the seeds and filaments - can't imagine the blast with those left in. It was Scovillian between Chinese red and Jalapeño, but longer back-of-the-throat burn. Turned out OK with some Greek yoghurt to tame the beast. It would not be party time on its own just sayin.

    I can't see these in a Minnesota grocery store...

    1. Really? Shishitos should definitely not be hot. We had a shishito plant this summer and would toss them in the oven real quick and eat them whole. I wouldn't call them spicy.

        1. indeed. The trader joes package are a bit shorter than NBB suggests, and fatter. We'd pan blister them and toss on a salad for the oohlala fancy dinner feeling.

    1. This was a thing with the old men in certain small-town bars in NE Nebraska too.

      I like steak tartare, carpaccio, and the like. But raw hamburger? Nuh.

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