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    1. brianS... this is so scary. I literally spent and hour and a half researching salsa macha this morning! We must have the same feeds on our smart phones or something. I will be playing around with recipes in test kitchen this week.

  1. SBG signal: Warriors fleecing of T-Wolves in Andrew Wiggins Trade Becomes Clearer Every Day.

    It was apparent the moment it happened, but it's becoming clearer with each passing NBA game. On Feb. 7, 2020, Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers might as well have put on a rubber Richard Nixon mask, marched into Gersson Rosas' office and robbed the Minnesota Timberwolves' general manager.I

    He simply left D'Angelo Russell behind to lighten the load in the getaway van.

    Myers acquired Andrew Wiggins and a lightly-protected first-round draft pick from T-Wolves in exchange for Russell, who never fit in with the Warriors.

    It was a heist that would have made Danny Ocean smile and been given the Neil McCauley stamp of approval.

    1. fwiw: Wiggins currently is shooting a career-high from 3pt range (39.3 pct) and is well below his career 2pt shooting percentage at 45.3 pct (vs 47.1 pct). His FTA rate is at a career low, his offensive rating is at a career low (tied). He is a below league-average shooter both in FG Added (-10.0 points on field goal attempts above league average) and TS Added (-12.2 points on true shooting above league average) through 11 games, already worse than his GS performance in last season. Wiggins is Not A Good Player.

      btw, the improved 3pt shooting is a mirage. He has had a huge increase in the share of his threes that are corner threes (31 pct, compared to a career 16 pct), but he's shooting only 36.8 pct on those, despite those being the easiest threes to make (because shorter). That suggests that playing with Curry is getting him easier shots, and he still isn't making them with league-average efficiency.

      1. despite those being the easiest threes to make (because shorter)

        Assuming you don't use the backboard. When we played our weekly pickup game in college, "BANK!" was implied for me after awhile because everyone knew I was using glass.

          1. You jest, but that's exactly who I modeled my offense on.

            I had two moves from the low block - drop step into the lane with a baby hook & baseline turn-around high off the corner of the glass

      2. It’s insane to think you’d want him right now. 90th in the league in eFG%, in what would essentially be a career-best eFG% if he keeps it up, and he’s tied up on a max contract for years.

        I don’t know what to think about Russell, but Wiggins plus a good first round pick is almost a net zero value when you consider the contracts and the potential for a pick to bust.

    1. trading away a "superstar" almost never works to the apparent advantage of the seller. But....

    2. Harden, assuming he's willing to play hard, can fit with Durant because Durant is an assassin who doesn't need the ball in his hands. Harden and Kyrie, though.... I'm not seeing that.

      The upside is high. The downside is very low. BKN luxury tax went up by $30 million after this deal (to $87,068,098). $114 million to those three players. All three players can opt out after next season. This is win now. And they've stripped the cupboard bare. And Kyrie is kind of off somewhere on his own sorting out things on this flat earth of ours.

      Also, I had Durant at 6 in my preseason top ten, obviously because of injury. Six is an insult now.

      1. No kidding. He definitely has gotten off to a hot start. Shooting at a career-best FG%, thanks to a ridiculous 46.2 pct from 3pt range. An eFGpct of 61.1!!! There are not many volume-scoring, perimeter shooters ever who have been in that territory. Steph Curry (62.95 in 2015-16 and 61.81 in 2017-18). Steve Nash (61.28 in 2006-07).

        I would be surprised if he can keep that rate up above 60 percent, but who knows.

      2. If Brooklyn could figure out a way to keep KD and Harden while getting Kyrie to sail off the edge of the earth, I'd argue that would be their best case scenario.

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