32 thoughts on “March 2, 2021: Wild Game”

    1. Wow, that's one of the most perfectly crushed home runs I've ever seen. Perfect angle, perfect direction, hard swing, perfect impact. Beautiful.

  1. I was happy to see that it looks like Maeda will be the starter Thursday when we're at the ballpark, but conversely I'm not happy to realize that it's possible the game could be ended even before the 7th inning. I guess we'll see...

        1. you guys know the answer to these questions

          looks like yesterday's game in Port Charlotte was not sold out; if I wasn't working, I'd have given serious thought to that game as well

  2. After reading yesterday's post about FSN I decided to do my homework. For us it's an easy fix, we'll just swap out YouTube TV for AT&T TV and pay the extra five bucks a month. This does not alter my opinion that Sinclair is run by ravenously avaricious assholes. And it looks like I should make the switch before Thursday when our YTTV billing cycle resets.

      1. I've been a huge fan of YTTV. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but even after a couple of moderate price increases, it's lower than everything else, and it's easy to have it on all my tvs and phones.

    1. Really $5? My sense it's more like $20 a month. I don't think Fox Sports North is on AT&T's low tier package. I pay $65 for Youtube TV ($70 with tax). The RSN tier at ATT is at $85 (plus tax).

      They have taken away the contract however.

      1. Oof. $65 for YTTV? What all do you get with that? We haven't paid for cable TV in years. We're entirely on streaming (though a lot of them: Netflix, Amazon (w/ CBS), Hulu, Disney)

        1. Yeah it went from $50 to $65 in the fall. It actually has a lot including all "mainstream" channels, ESPN, NBC Sports Net (must have for me for EPL), Fox Sports, all the news channels, AMC, PBS, and a bunch of those second tier cable Chanels like Home and Garden, BBC, TBS, TNT, FX.... Also a great unlimited DVR system.

  3. FanGraphs observes the passing of Joe Distelheim, longtime editor of The Hardball Times, who passed on 30 December 2020. I suspect many of us were THT readers in the mid-Aughts; I know I found my way there via Gleeman, who was one of the site’s co-founders, and it quickly became one of my favorite sites. THT was home to a lot of folks whose baseball writing shaped my appreciation of the game — Studeman, Jaffe, Treder, Sackmann, Dewan, Young, Calcaterra...it’s a long list. I think of (and miss) John Brattain at least once per baseball season. Joe Distelheim edited all those writers, and I’ll be forever thankful for that behind-the-scenes work.

  4. The nominations for rhe 19th annual Visual Effects Society awards. My brother was nominated for "Outstanding Compositing in a Feature" for his work on Greyhound.

    I've not seen Greyhound. It kind of looked boring. This is still pretty cool, though.

    1. Very disappointing use of First N Past the Post voting rules. We needed multiple rounds of voting, damnit.

      I mean, a bunch of those had clear Minnesota connections. But Star Wars names?? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    1. When people question the younger generations, I often point out my respect for so many of the younger people I have met who not only don't hold sexist views but are willing to call people out when they hear them. Not trying to generalize, but I know the people I grew up around were not willing or able to call out their peers.

    1. Thanks E-6 for challenging my will power today. I am starving and working on construction project at the joint, so I just ordered something remarkably like your picture.

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