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    1. I blew left my knee out on Sunday. Could not walk on Monday. Limping around Tuesday morning. Cortisone shot (my first ever) at 10am yesterday. OMG, why didn't anyone tell me about this magic potion? By last night I was golfing simulator league (with a heavy sleeve on my knee) and today my knee even feels better. I know it is short term fix until this fall, when I will have the knee scoped (torn meniscus... my second). Doc also told me my right knee doesn't have much longer to go either.

        1. Science... schplience. Seriously, I went from a pain level of 8 barely being able to walk, to a pain level of 2 with full movement. Unbelievable. Magic potion I tell ya!

                1. I should add that the ankle is okay overall. I can walk without a boot with relative ease. It's more to keep things stationary to heal up. It was the act of getting the shot that was excruciating though.

                  1. I had achilles tendinitis in both heels for, like, two years straight. That is not a fun part of the body to have pain. I finally got my lazy ass on a bike and I've been pain free since. Wonderful machines.

                    1. Hmm... I had heel pain and plantar fasciitis issues for a few years and it just occurred to me reading this thread that I haven't experienced that pain for quite a while. I think it went away when got on my bike last spring and summer.

          1. Over the years, I have had cortisone shots in my left knee, left ankle, lower back, right elbow. I have never, ever experienced any relief from said shots. 🙁

      1. I watched my wife get a cortisone shot in the knee a few years back. Never seen a needle so big used on a human being before. And I'm the one who almost passed out.

        1. I felt terrible about it, but I had to leave the room when my wife got an epidural for the second delivery. I got very lightheaded and queasy

            1. I was there for the epidural of my wife's first two and only missed the third because I missed the entire thing to care for the children. I wasn't the only one that missed the third epidural however because the anesthesiologist also missed so she got a surprise natural birth instead.

              1. I stood at the foot of the operating table during the C-section with our first, saw the whole thing, but I had a camera between me and the action most of the time, it really helped. Got some great pictures, too.

                  1. daym! That's exciting. I'd forgotten that your wife had acted as a Surrogate. Obviously(?) it was a positive experience as she's going for round 2.

                    1. Yes, the first one definitely went well. It’s very cool to see updates about the kid, and how excited the mom is to have him.

                      And, so far so good on round two. There have been a few times when the intended parents have been a bit more...specific, let’s say....about things we plan to do, but overall things are good.

                      And really, seeing how this time it’s for someone we didn’t know at all beforehand, I can understand why they would be more nervous. It is sort of like trusting a stranger take care of your kid for nine months, at a time when they have previously had things go very wrong with their pregnancies. So, understandable that they want to make sure things are done the way they want.

        2. Never seen a needle so big used on a human being before.

          Gawdalmighty, yes. I had one under my kneecap years ago. Local first, then they get out the horse needle. I was miserable for about two weeks from the shot and never got any noticeable benefit.

          1. I'd barf. No joke, I wouldn't be able to handle it.

            When I was younger - middle or high school - I needed valium before getting stitches one time.

        3. I personally despise needles, so looked up at the ceiling tiles. Did not bug me as much as I thought. In terms of epidurals, I witnessed both of my wife's procedures and surprisingly got through it without any ill effects. I was just happy to see my wife potentially get some pain relief as both my kids were dang near 10 lbs.

      1. Oh, I think the Big Aristotle still enjoys the game (and life). But he misses dominant big men playing down low. BARBECUED CHICKEN!!!111one111!!!

  1. It's time once again for me to beg for guidance on home mesh options. My home office is more or less a dead zone for the wifi from our main router and WAP, so I purchased a TP-Link powerline setup. Unfortunately, it sees fit to drop out all too often. Additionally, our upstairs smart TV seems to have intermittent connection issues, which means Netflix won't load or is seriously impacted, pissing off the Mrs.

    1. I have AT&T Uverse and likely will for the foreseeable future, so...replace the router/modem or no? I see there are Uverse compatible ones out there...but is it reasonable to presume that basically any box with the right cable connectors should work?

    2. I see that Wirecutter really likes the Asus ZenWifi AC (and the upgrade to AX), but it is spendy. I like the idea of onboard security features, but... [shoulder shrug]. Is this overkill, or does it make sense for someone like me who can afford the overkill to future-proof should I upgrade my home internet service? (we are on the 100Mbps plan; when my powerline is working, like it is at the moment, I get ~48-50 Mbps down and 17-20 Mbps up)

    3. Tom's Guide really likes the even more spendy Netgear Orbi Wifi 6, but also likes the much cheaper Nest (~$149) and the mid-priced TP-Link Deco X20 (~$249).

    4. Other recommendations?

    1. Do you currently have an AT&T provided gateway/router? Do they have a newer one that they can replace it with?

      Keep in mind (I believe) that if you put in your own router, you may still need to use the exiting router as a gateway. You might want to google that; I seem to remember that you can't just swap out their gateway/router for your own.

      1. Yes, AT&T-provided hardware. I guess the main box is the "residential gateway", Model number 526AC FXN, whatever that all means (802.11n standard? AT&T implies as much, although ac compatible), then there is a WAP and a box for each TV.

        1. I'd raise a stink and see if you can get an updated gateway. Problem is, they'll charge you if "there is nothing wrong"

          what you need is one of the service tech's phone #s -- those guys will give you the straight what-for and are pretty happy to help out where they can

          1. thanks. This is what we got when we moved in a bit over a year ago, as replacement for equipment we thought was not working. Turned out that AT&T had a wiring issue at THEIR box down the street. And the box was the identical model to what they were replacing, so, yea, it's a bit out of date.

            I will pursue the service angle. Seems like our upstairs TV should be able to connect seemlessly and consistently to the wifi (the cable service is rock solid, or rather, as rock solid as is Uverse).

            1. It's a very model-specific "mesh" extender. AT&T's website lists several other mesh systems when you search for "mesh wifi". You would think that they would only include items that are compatible with their own gateway equipment. You would very possibly be wrong, however. It is really hard to tell from the customer reviews/Q&As whether the other options are in fact compatible with my gateway device.

              I've put a question in regarding one (an Orbi model). There's also a Netgear. For the Orbi, at least, they provide info on "compatible devices" but seem only to mean cellphones.

    2. I've been using the Orbi AC3000 for about a year and it took a while to figure out the best place for the satellite but I'm really happy with the performance now. Certainly a big upgrade over the Luma system it replaced.

  2. Word to the Earl of Sandwich: where you been, man?

    Today: black forest ham, camembert, and arugula from my garden on toasted ciabatta roll (olive oil and granulated garlic toasted), with a schmear of dijon. Top notch.

  3. Gameday whiffs on the box score -- Cruz' HR given to Rortvedt, etc.

    On that note, I'm getting scorecard anxiety for tomorrow's ballgame. They never give you enough lines to write on, many substitutions of obscure players, plus the oddball Spring Training rules they've instituted this year. But I'm still going to love it.

  4. Last weekend I got the email from the CDC (VAMS) to go and register, which I did. Earliest slot I could find was the end of March at St. Francis' hospital.

    On Monday, the wife was bummed as she is also north of 55 (CT rules) but got no email from the man. On Tuesday, she got a tip from a friend to hit the CVS site right after 6AM, when they load up the appointment slots. She registered and got a slot for 6:15 tonite (done), and I have one for Friday at high noon.

      1. Something forbidden this way comes.

        But really, it’s like the Wild West here in LA. If you know someone you can get a shot, if you know someone who knows someone you can get a shot, but the online waiting list has been broken since it launched.

      2. Mrs Runner, from the comforts of the FL condo, has lined up five people back home with shots. There is a FB group that is doing wonderful work sharing openings in neighboring counties, tips on when/how to hit up website signups, etc. MO's vaccine rollout is so uneducated, and even worse for the StL and KC areas.

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