FMD 4/23/21 – Ska is back, baby!

Or maybe it never went anywhere? Because apparently the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who release a new album in May, have been putting out music for a long, long while.

That said, I happened across a few of their new tunes, and I'm seriously enjoying them.

I listened to a decent amount of 3rd wave Ska in highschool. Sometimes I'm just happy and angry at the same time, okay? Isn't that what ska is supposed to be? Like a happy version of punk? So yesterday when I walked home from work, in my lawyer clothes, with my briefcase, in my small white-picket-fence town, I had the new Bosstones pounding in my earbuds, and frankly, it felt damn good.

Anyway, the topic for today is ska. I have the feeling I'm going to be told I'm wrong to enjoy the 3rd wave stuff...

14 thoughts on “FMD 4/23/21 – Ska is back, baby!”

    1. I think it feels like we're due for a 4th wave. I feel like a large percentage of music these days is some form of electronica, synth, etc., and it leaves me feeling kind of cold. Ska might be a healthy antidote to that.

  1. Newbish was exposed (by me, who correctly figured it would be right up his alley) to some of the Bosstones and Supertones a couple of months ago. He loves it. It's very fun music.

  2. Sticky Fingers is 50 years old today. That makes the release date of that album almost (not quite) closer to the end of the Wilson administration than it is to today. I wonder if Mick is getting dead flowers by the US Mail.

    (My own birthdate is now closer to the Teddy Roosevelt administration than it is to today.)

      1. New Dinosaur Jr. today. DJR one of those rare bands that broke up and then got back together still making great stuff.

        1. A case could be made that their comeback records have been as good as their initial releases. While I’m not sure I’d make that argument, Dino Jr 2.0 has been excellent.

      2. I missed the obvious joke that Mick is probably getting dead flowers via FedEx now what with the US Mail being so unreliable these days.

  3. Per Zack:

    "I’m too lazy/busy at new job to log in and make a FMD post but uh if you haven’t yet, check out Pale Horse Rider by Cory Hanson. It’s fucking phenomenal."

    1. It is quite good! I really dig the vibe of it, and the almost ambient interstitials enhance the sound. I'll definitely return to this one.

  4. I wouldnt mind if ska made another comeback, heck the 90s swing music is due for a comeback too!

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