Game 32: twins @ tigers

It's been a while since I posted a game log. Let's see what happened since my last one...

Oh....oh no.

Over the past few weeks we've gone from "stay the course. This will get better" to "I wonder how much we can get for Berrios and Cruz".

Put simply, this sucks. A lot. The season isn't truly lost yet, but it's very, very close.

We can argue over where exactly the blame lies. As is often the case during seasons like this, there are a LOT of targets. It's an exercise in misery either way.

Today, our best pitcher tries to best one of the few teams who is unquestionably worse than us. Let's make sure that lead is nice and big by the time that bullpen comes in.

Also, IT'S LARNACH SZN! Good luck, kid. We need you.


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