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Game 45: twins @ clevelanders

Winning streak!

Today, our beloved Twins try to extend their winning streak to 3 games for just the second time this year, and the first time 4.

To that end, they'll send out last year's Cy Young award runner-up to take on last year's winner. Man, both of those pitchers were pretty great last year. One of them has been pretty great this year, too. Too bad it's the other guy.

Yes, King Kenta has just been off all season. Last time he took on the Clevelanders, it was utterly infuriating. Let's hope he's able to do better against a lineup that the Übermensch dominated last night, and the lineup manages to run into something against the Popstar.

23 thoughts on “Game 45: twins @ clevelanders”

  1. Maeda pulled after only 73 pitches. Clearly this bullpen can maintain the tie four more innings

    1. I thought he pitched yesterday but it was Thursday. With a nine pitch inning, definitely let him go another inning. They won't need anyone for the eleventh but still need someone for the tenth.

  2. if we had regular rules I think the Twins might still be 0-9 or whatever in extras

  3. The Twins have now failed to score in eight of their nine extra innings. I consider that to be inexcusable.

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