Game 46: Twins in Cleveland

J.A. Happ vs. Zach Plesac

Two pitchers who violate the WGOM style guide for the spelling of first names face off in yet another Sunday rubber match.

Miguel Sano has been very good at hitting the baseball lately. He's got at least one hit in 8 of his last 9 games, and in that time he has 2 singles, 3 doubles and 6 home runs (.333/.405/.970). Any time Sano has as many hits (11) as strikeouts (11) over a stretch, you know things are going well.

56 thoughts on “Game 46: Twins in Cleveland”

  1. Finally broke the three run ceiling. I'm feeling marginally better about this game.

  2. Having a short bench and a billion bad pitchers on the roster and then having a bunch of semi-injured fielders is suboptimal

  3. So who pitches the ninth? I assume Rocco won't let Colome anywhere near the mound. Robles? Or stick with Rogers?

      1. Provus says he threw a lot of pitches yesterday, but other than leaving Rogers in (who also pitched yesterday), I don't see what option Rocco has.

    1. (Starts to prepare an osmotic laxative oral solution of sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate...)

    1. 9 game hit streak ends even though he's reached first base twice (error and fielders choice)

  4. Was that supposed to be a hit-and-run? I've said I'd like to see the Twins run a little more aggressively, but Kirilloff trying to steal bases isn't really what I had in mind.

  5. It wasn't pretty the last two games, but that's a series win! Get the extra innings block off their back. Hopefully this means business is picking up

  6. The Twins won a series. The one loss was close too.

    Last series win was against the Royals at the beginning of the month.

  7. That is so huge getting that extra-inning monster off their backs. Still wouldn't want to go extras if possible, but at least they shouldn't feel like they're cursed.

  8. Losing this game would have been so devastating after the Twins used Rogers, Robles, and Duffey in back-to-back games, so Robles for sure won't be available because of all the pitches he threw yesterday and then not a quick inning today either. Rogers only threw 9 yesterday, but the Twins don't like to use him in consecutive games, let alone three in a row. Duffey threw 13 pitches Saturday and 15 today, so they might go to him first, although Rogers threw fewer pitches combined. I would think none of the three will be pitching in a tie game. So imagine if the Twins had lost both games and would be shorthanded in the bullpen going into their game tomorrow. Hopefully, the offense will take care of things early. The Twins really need to win a minimum of 4 games this homestand.

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