2021 Game 49: Baltimore Orioles at Minnesota Twins

Jorge López
Michael Pineda

I can scarcely believe it. A sweep, of the other team, is actually possible today.

The wins and losses each are prepared to roll over to the next tens. Will the day end with 20 wins or 30 losses?

Kepler - RF
Polanco - 2B
Cruz - DH
Kirilloff - 1B
Sanó - 3B
Larnach - LF
Astudillo - C
Refsnyder - CF
Simmons - SS

21 thoughts on “2021 Game 49: Baltimore Orioles at Minnesota Twins”

  1. According to the ribbon board here, La Tortuga's out had an exit velocity of 34 mph.

    1. The Roman god of wine and viticulture, Bacchus was known as the inducer of drunkenness, religious ecstasy, and frenzied states of creativity.
      Might explain the strike zone.

  2. Are these balls and strikes by Bacchus as bad as they appear on Gameday?

  3. Why does Dazzle now think that the bullpen is set up for the final three innings? This is 2021, and Rogers threw more than 20 pitches last night.

    1. It was a fun game. I took my nephew Charlie so we talked a fair amount of football, Bison and Browns mostly. The weather was perfect, Pineda pitched well and we got a timely bomba from Sano. Our seats were halfway down third base line and it wasn't real easy to see balls and strikes from there so the umpiring didn't bother me. When I got home there were emails in my inbox welcoming me to the Twins and detailing the onboarding process. Definitely a good day.

  4. So, nice to know that somebody ranks below the Twins. In case, you know, relegation.

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