38 thoughts on “June 16, 2021: Wednesday Morning, 6 A.M.”

      1. That's absolutely true. It's also true that in about half their games, the Twins have scored three or fewer runs. It's both pitching and offense that have let the Twins down. And the defense hasn't been particularly good, either. I think the phrase for that is "total system failure".

  1. I slept in today and decided to go for a big brunch. Denver omelet slathered in Cholula, hash browns, sausage patty, red grapes and a caffè latte. I can't make it pretty like E6, but it was mighty tasty.

  2. Bats are definitely an issue too but this sums it up.

  3. I was hospitalized all last week with a saddle sore that got badly infected. (pro tip: if you bike two days in a row, do not wear the same pair of shorts) I had something similar happen last summer, but it went away on its own. Turns out this one didn't heal because I'm diabetic. So woohoo for 2021! Today was the first day my blood sugar has been under 100, though, which is pretty cool. Overall, I don't recommend this sort of thing, though.

      1. I am and I have good insurance so the insulin doesn't cost me anything. They also kept calling me young and healthy at the hospital, so that's good. I think I'm going to be able to get back on the bike tomorrow which I'm pretty pumped for.

        1. They called me young and healthy when I had my heart attack nine years ago. Since then I've had a second stent put in my heart, a ruptured appendix, a double inguinal hernia, and double bypass surgery followed by a collapsed lung. I hope your young and healthy is healthier than mine's been. Take good care of yourself, dude.

      1. Ironically, it was through trying to take care of myself that the diabetes was discovered. I've lost 25 pounds over the last two years (although 5 of those came last week while I was admitted), so things are trending healthier.

          1. Sustained weight loss over time is good. Rapid weight loss coupled with other symptoms like excessive thirst and frequent urination is a fair indicator of diabetes onset. But a healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way to mitigate Type 2 diabetes' more harmful impacts.

    1. Uffda. (And yeowch!) Glad to hear you’re on the mend, have a better sense of what is going on, and that insurance is going to cover the insulin. I know the diagnosis isn’t what anyone would wish for, but knowing puts a little more control over it back in your hands. Fingers crossed you are through the worst of it and can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

    1. Times scoring 5 runs - T-9th in AL
      Times scoring 10 runs - T-3rd in AL

      TEAM 5 Scored 10 Scored 5 Allowed 10 Allowed
      BAL 21 4 33 7
      BOS 34 9 29 3
      CWS 28 6 21 1
      CLE 28 3 23 5
      DET 26 2 26 7
      HOU 38 6 28 3
      KC 24 5 31 6
      LAA 31 7 37 4
      MIN 27 6 36 8
      NYY 27 1 23 3
      OAK 31 3 27 3
      SEA 26 1 35 7
      TB 31 6 22 2
      TEX 25 3 30 6
      TOR 34 6 29 3

      Compare the Twins row to the White Sox here.

          1. Twins pitchers have allowed 5+ runs more often than the offense has scored less than 4.

            Record when opponent scores 5+ is 5-31.
            Record when Twins score 3 or less is 6-28.

            Record when both happen is 0-18.

              1. The offense is average. And if the expectation is that the offense was going to be among the best in the league, then ... yeah they've underperformed that, but that underperformance seems like variance and injuries more than anything else.

                The problem is that it would take a superhuman offense to overcome the worst pitching staff performance the Twins have ever seen.

                1. I disagree that the offense is average. Yes, there are aggregate stats you can look at that indicate that. But scoring three or fewer runs in half your games does not, in my view, show an average offense.

                  1. That particular stat is only true because of two bad weeks in April though:

                    Games 1- 20 - 65% of games Twins scored 3 or fewer.
                    Games 21-40 - 45% of games Twins scored 3 or fewer
                    Games 41-60 - 45% of games Twins scored 3 or fewer
                    Games 61-67 - 43% of games Twins scored 3 or fewer

                    1. So since the first two weeks, it's around 44-45 percent, rather than 50 percent. Maybe that's a significant difference to you. To me, it's not.

                    2. The White Sox, fourth in the league in scoring per game, have scored three runs or fewer in 28 of their 67 games, or 42%. They've won 11 of those games. I checked Houston, who have scored the most in the league, and they're at 21 out of 66 for 32%. They've won four of those games. The Twins have a better record when scoring three or fewer (0.214 vs 0.190) than Houston.

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