20 thoughts on “June 21, 2021: The Longest Father’s Day”

      1. Indeed. I remember the 1998 peterville twister. Very scary. Glad to hear your place and your fam is alright

  1. Yesterday, the joint broke it's single day sales record... 33% higher than our previous best day. It was our busiest week ever, by a comfortable margin. So very crazy. I did near that one restaurant (nibbish... it is in front of menards), was not open after 4 last night for "maintenance", which is short for "understaffed". I had one employee call me at 3pm and said her boss (a friend of mine) asked her to call and see if there was any way she could stay at that job since he only had 2 servers scheduled. I let him have her and found someone else. Out of 700+ customers yesterday, we had one entree sent back and only 5 kitchen tickets, all day and night, that took over 20 minutes. My staff is pretty darn good right now!

        1. That is an amazing coincidence! Conveniently, that pin is on the Corcoran side of the street. I worry about tax burden for MG addresses. But I really know nothing of that reality.

  2. We watched Neutral Ground last night with our covid family pod. The doc covers the vote to remove confederate monuments in New Orleans and the struggle to actually remove the statues. Having lived through this period of history, I can say that it's great to see someone cover this topic with a light touch, humor, and facts. You can rent the film through the Tribeca Festival website, or wait til July 5th and watch on PBS.

  3. I wonder what the record is for fewest minutes in the 70-79 degree range in June in Minnesota?

  4. The Poissonnière, as I tucked her in last night after a long day of building Lego creations together:

    “Apu, I hope you remember this Father’s Day for a long time, even after you’re dead.”

    1. I have, with the seven-year-old's assistance, been working my way through Lego's Saturn V rocket set. I missed out on the original run but they reissued it and I did not delay this time. To keep the younger two occupied, I opened up my tub of old Lego (ca. 1990 - 1998) and distracted them with various things from that.

      1. We did the Saturn V build this winter as well (a present from G's uncle), as well as the Hogwarts castle (a present from us to us). The hardest part was not building multiple bags at a time and finishing the whole thing too quickly.

      2. We’re still in the early free-building stage, using the (1000? 2000?)-piece set she got last year. I’m looking forward to giving her my cache of vintage Legos when she’s old enough to enjoy them keep track of the 30+ year old pieces.

        1. Yeah, there's a reason only a few pieces/parts of sets have left the room. Their bedrooms are black holes in losing things while I can limit the spread in my office.

          1. when we moved in fall of 2019, I think we recovered about two entire place-settings from The Girl's room.

  5. We slept with the windows open last night and I woke up thinking the furnace must have died. Then my head cleared, I pulled out a blanket and went back to sleep for another hour.

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