59 thoughts on “Game Ninety-something: Twins at White Sox (2)”

  1. Very good game for Jax. I had other stuff going on, and was only able to half-pay attention, but I gather he came out because of a blister problem.

  2. I'd be tempted to put Hamilton on. I know he's not that good a hitter, but he is against the Twins: .360 average with a .640 slugging percentage. Small sample size, of course, but still, I'd be okay with walking him.

    1. I remember going to a Cedar Rapids Reds double header when we lived there and they did seven inning games for those. Even for Single A ball it seemed awful Little League, though.

  3. 84 pitches through six and not going to face Abreu, it was a good idea to not bring in a reliever. I was hoping for the CG but, uh, not quite like that.

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