59 thoughts on “Game Ninety-something: Twins at White Sox (2)”

  1. It's Lance Lynn going for the White Sox. He's been a good to very good pitcher for every major league team he's played for except one.

    1. Jax apparently decided that if his defense was going to do that to him, he just wouldn't let the White Sox hit the ball anymore.

  2. Very good game for Jax. I had other stuff going on, and was only able to half-pay attention, but I gather he came out because of a blister problem.

  3. I'd be tempted to put Hamilton on. I know he's not that good a hitter, but he is against the Twins: .360 average with a .640 slugging percentage. Small sample size, of course, but still, I'd be okay with walking him.

  4. Wow. Seven straight balls, and Anderson swings 3-0. I know he's a very good batter, but still, that doesn't seem like good baseball to me.

  5. Bases loaded, none out has not always been kind to the Twins. Maybe it will be today.

  6. In his last four appearances, Robles has pitched five innings and given up no runs on two hits and a walk. May his streak continue.

  7. Just mapquested Scandia to Alexandria - 2 hr, 24 min, 155mi. I'll be in MN the week of 9/5-12. Walleye road trip...

    1. I remember going to a Cedar Rapids Reds double header when we lived there and they did seven inning games for those. Even for Single A ball it seemed awful Little League, though.

  8. 84 pitches through six and not going to face Abreu, it was a good idea to not bring in a reliever. I was hoping for the CG but, uh, not quite like that.

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