July 19, 2021: Nicked

I try hard to explain to the younguns the dangers of things we have around the house, and especially regarding tools we have in the garage. Kind of undercuts the message when you trim yourself with some hedgers. Yeesh (and ouch!).

17 thoughts on “July 19, 2021: Nicked”

        1. I’m sure I speak for all of us in that your prompt notification to the citizenry is absolutely the right priority here. Good luck getting the blood out of your keyboard.

    1. I put a cleaver partway through my thumb this spring when the sweet potato I was cutting splintered; it was my first significant injury with a kitchen implement in quite some time. It was a good opportunity for the Poissonnière to see that stitches aren’t the worst thing in the world.

  1. oof.

  2. The worst self-inflicted injury I can recall happened when I was holding a piece of sheetrock, missed the nail and hammered my middle finger so hard it split open like a grape. The pain was so bad I thought for sure I was going to pass out. A few curses were shouted before I remembered that the wife was upstairs with a Girl Scout mom discussing cookie sales. Fingernail turned all black and purple and separated quite a bit from the flesh but never came all the way off. It took at least a year to get the feeling back into my fingertip and to this day it still looks flatter and wider than my other fingers.

    1. Happ at -142 rpm since mid-June after being in line with his 2017–19 averages earlier in the season.

      Berríos’ chart is interesting He’s down 90 rpm since mid-June, but that’s consistent with his performance every season in 2017–19. I wonder about whether the consistent dips in rpm as the season align with any other observable markers of his characteristic late season fades.

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