2021 Game Eleventy-one: Minnesota At Houston

So how about those Twins?  Two in a row!  Three out of four!  Four out of six!  We're making our charge for the pennant!

Well, maybe not.  But even in a lost season, it's nice to see them win.  Maybe they'll make it three in a row.  Michael Pineda goes for the Twins, Luis Garcia for the Trashstros.  Go Twins!

22 thoughts on “2021 Game Eleventy-one: Minnesota At Houston”

  1. I said the other day that there's no reason Refsnyder or A-Stud should be playing ahead of Gordon. Let me add that there's no reason Jake Cave should be playing ahead of Gordon, either.

  2. FSN did a replay of that last play and the grass out field looks to be in rough shape maybe that's why the infield dirt is heavily watered down

  3. In-progress farm report:

    St. Paul trails Louisville 1-0 in the third. The Saints do not have a hit in the first two innings. Ian Hamilton is pitching for St. Paul.
    Wichita leads Midland 2-1 in the sixth. The Wind Surge has just two hits, but one of them was a two-run homer by Caleb Hamilton. Austin Schulfer is pitching for Wichita.
    Cedar Rapids trails Quad Cities 2-1 in the fourth. Alex Isola singled home the Kernels' run. Tyler Beck is pitching for Cedar Rapids.
    Fort Myers leads Dunedin 3-1 in the fifth. The Mighty Mussels are just 1-for-9 with men in scoring position so far. Miguel Rodriguez started, with Zarion Sharpe coming in to start the fourth.

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