40 thoughts on “September 20, 2021: Expectations”

  1. RIP Canishoopus. I may have logged out for good last year, but I still visited to read the articles and comments from the people I liked, but SB Nation has killed it with their new commenting platform.

    1. A damn shame. Coral is a garbage platform.

      Also exchanged a couple of emails with Nate (stop-n-pop, Chairman Bud, etc.) Having a bunch of tests done this week after suffering a seizure last Thursday. He was justifiably spooked and hope that the doctors can find out what caused them. Keep him in your thoughts. He’s a really good dude.

  2. I still unironically enjoy watching the Vikings, though I've happily been able to detach myself from the final result enough to where gut punches like yesterdays don't phase me.

    In a group text, a friend of mine said "I'll bet $20 he misses it". No one took him up on it. Everyone already knew what was going to happen.

    Newbish has, on the other hand, not been inoculated. He was shocked and crushed. Give it time, kid. You'll learn.

  3. Best of luck to Hungry Joe on his fantasy baseball keeper league match this week. Actually, scratch that. He's playing me. And there's money on the line.

    It's a very competitive fantasy baseball league that we're in, organized by my brother-in-law, and I've managed to finish 3rd the past 3 years. I've also been 1st in the regular season in at least 2 of those 3 years, but always hit a bad week in the semifinals. Well, I was first again this year, and we're in the semifinals. Let's see if I can pull off my best Vikings impression and choke it away again...

    Anyway, I enjoy having HJ in the league too, and hope he suffers greatly this week.

        1. Hah, I missed that one!

          Also, nice? pickup on Baz. I was debating that one, but went a different direction, obviously. You're gonna continue racking up those pitching count stats, so I gotta win some rate ones, right?

  4. Both kids got COVID tests today. Two of the neighborhood kids have been sick and apparently their extremely stupid parents didn't learn any lessons about how stuff spreads during the pandemic, so one of their kids was here playing all day. Fortunately, the school just started having on-site testing, both rapid and PCR. Both of their rapids came back negative, so I expect the PCR will as well but the trinket can't go back to school until that result comes in because she had some symptoms. The bauble feels fine, so he can go back tomorrow and could have stayed today, but we brought him home anyway, just in case.

    I am, however, very angry.

    1. The spouse of one of my wife's teachers tested positive late last week (he was fully vaxxed). So far, she has been negative (rapid and PCR), but will be isolating at home this week, meaning my wife has to find a substitute.

      She's already been having tussles with a couple of her more "conservative" parents, one of whom questioned the school's travel policy (required testing before your kind can come back to the preschool). As in, "why is a trip to Disneyland counted as travel?" Uhhhhh, really, honey? "And what about tuition?" Your goddamn right you owe us tuition for those missed days, you idiot.

      I and she are really hoping that certain parents pull their kids out.

        1. Given that her husband is symptomatic, I think that her staying home this week is quite reasonable and prudent. It's a small school with a small staff. They cannot sustain losing anyone else to illness at the same time. And the repercussions of any spread from staff to kids would be catastrophic, reputationally.

            1. I know, and have been trying to reassure the Mrs on these points.

              But her odds of spreading it at the school are zero if she is...not at school. And the costs of having a staff infection would be high in terms of freak-out factor for staff and (some) parents.

    2. I am just starting my third wave of contact tracing, more diligently checking staff health and symptoms, and all the other things that come with a plethora of cases in our area. One of my best kitchen guys missed the last 2 weeks of the summer with Covid, but luckily he didn't get smacked too hard and he caught it while on vacation, so no contact tracing was needed. The toughest thing about all this from an employer point of view is symptoms from other health issues like a common cold or even allergies. I feel like I am constantly faced with tough decisions on who can and can't work. I am fortunate my kids are older and I don't have to deal with school issues, but unfortunate that my kids are older and think they are invincible.

      1. I suspect it is going to drive a significant (albeit perhaps short-lived) change in American business's attitudes about sick days. Certainly, in my world, where all staff have paid sick leave available to them, we as managers are going to take a much stronger line in insisting that staff (and our fellow managers) NOT come to work sick any more. I know I was always one of those "if I'm not dead, I'm going to work" people. No more.

        1. When we had three kids at home and both of us worked, I'd get pissed when someone came in sick. If I catch it, there's a good chance it goes through my entire family and one of us is missing multiple days to care for a sick kid.

        2. We are overdue for change in sick call policies. I am about 12 years in of having a very relaxed policy on sick calls. I instruct my managers to get a fair amount of information on the illness (or injury) for our records. We don't fight employees on it, we simply tell them to keep us up to date and we cover their shifts. If people abuse it, we will hear about it from their teammates. I think I have had only a handful of conversations with staff that goes something like "I am unsure if you are healthy enough to work in our business".
          As a result, over the past 12 years (old job and new joint) I have found that my staff stays healthier as they are not getting other employee sick by coming in sick.

        1. I'm trying to determine whether that offer legally runs with the cabin or the parents? If they bought a new cabin, would it apply to that one or the old one?

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