Game, the penultimate: twins @ royals

Well, this season didn't quite go the way we planned.

I figured that this was a 95 win team, and we're two games from an assured last place finish and most likely a number 8 draft pick in 2022. Disappointing.

There have been plenty of glimmers of hope for the future -- Buxton finally looking like a genuine superstar chief among them, but let's not try to put any perfume on this stinker. Not paying extra this spring for a TV plan that included any Twins games looks like one my best financial decisions ever at this point.

Here to close the door just a little bit further is Griffin Jax. There have been reasons to believe in certain starters this year, but I'm not sold on Jax. Who knows, though? Maybe tonight is the start of a new and improved era of Jax domination!

Well, hell. I'm fired up now. Let's do this, Griffin!

22 thoughts on “Game, the penultimate: twins @ royals”

  1. Dazzle may be right that Buxton would like to stay, but I don't think he's going to take less money than he could make elsewhere in order to stay.

    1. They already agreed on the base dollars with the escalators up for debate. I suspect Buxton's will be going up with his performance after returning from the IL.

  2. Attebury says that Jax is looking for consistency the second time through the order and honestly, I don't think that's true at all

    1. Higher OBP the second time through the order than his SLG the first time through the order.

    1. I love A-Stud, but I love him the way I loved Samuel Deduno. They're fun players to watch and root for, but they're not the kind of players who'll play a significant role on a championship team.

  3. Early farm report:

    The Saints trail Toledo 8-1 in the eighth. The lone run scored on a Jose Miranda homer in the first inning. The only St. Paul pitcher to get much accomplished was Vinny Nittoli, who struck out four in two perfect innings.

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