18 thoughts on “October 12, 2021: It’s A Shame About Rays”

    1. I picked what I thought would happen, not what I wanted to happen. So definitely not good.

  1. We're off for MN -- got a hotel in the Cities for tonight, then on to home country tomorrow. My father's funeral will be Saturday AM, so no time for casual sightseeing this time around. Maybe lunch tomorrow in Alec on the way through, if the timing is good.

    1. I missed this news. So sorry for your loss, Rhu.

      Let me know if you need anything or there's anything I can do

    2. Sorry for your loss my friend. You are in our prayers. I will be knocking off a pile of paperwork tomorrow. If you do stop, please ask for me and I will come out and say hi.

      1. Well, best made plans - dog sitter fell through, so had to unpack one car and pack the other, and cancel our pet-free hotel for one in Rochester, but unprompted Mrs Runner did mention P&P for lunch tomorrow, so I've got that going for me.

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