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  1. AFL report:

    Peoria 10, Scottsdale 8.

    Matt Wallner was 1-for-4 with a walk and is batting .296.
    Michael Helman was 1-for-3 with a walk and is batting .353.
    Cody Laweryson pitched 2.1 innings, giving up one run on two hits and a walk and striking out four. His ERA is 1.35.

    1. Once the Brewers lost I completely checked out on the playoffs altogether. I either find the teams uninteresting or, quite frankly, offensive. Fortunately, curling has started back up (oof, I felt like I'd never played a game before on Thursday night) and the Wolves look to be, at the very least, pretty damn entertaining.

  2. Decided pretty last minute to take a 4 day trip to Austin, TX the first weekend of November. Anyone been there and have advice on what part of town to stay in? Want to check out some music venues, soak up some warmer weather, and just decompress. Flights are booked, but looking for where to book a hotel. Thoughts?

    1. From talking to my friends who still live there, a LOT has changed in Austin since I lived there.

      The Broken Spoke - An honest-to-God honky-tonk. Go at night to dance to live music or just go during the day to visit their little mini museum
      Dry Creek Cafe - The my absolute favorite bar in the world. Not super easy to get to as it's on the other side of Mount Bonnell, so it's not "overrun" like some places. Best paired as the after-party to exploring Mount Bonnell. Cheap beer, chill vibes, pool table, old school vinyl jukebox chock full of Waylon, Willie, Guy Clark, etc. TAKE CASH. They don't have an ATM and don't take cards. If you see an Austin Crows koozie in the pile, that's mine 😀
      ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co) - You'll be spoiled for choice for breweries. Of all of them, this was always a favorite. Absolutely cannot beat the atmosphere.

      1. Nashville:

        Layla's Bluegrass Inn is a phenomenal venue on the strip featuring music that isn't pop country.
        Hatch Show Print is a fantastic working museum dedicated to continuing the craft of printmaking. Seriously love that joint.
        Yazoo Brewing was in a great setting the last time I was there (like, forever ago man....) - seems they've moved
        Frist Art Museum
        Peg Leg Porker and Martin's BBQ - both pretty alright.
        Nashville Hot Chicken.... if you like spicy food.... and .... I do.... and it's hot......
        Grand ole Opry.

        Franklin BBQ - though it's overrated if you have to get there at the a-crack of dawn. This guide doesn't have a stinker on it, and you might just get to walk up and eat dinner instead of waiting on line all day.
        Slugfest Printmaking Studio and Gallery - Good friends run this place, but they may have shuttered the gallery over the covids....
        Bullock Museum of State History
        The Blanton Museum of Art
        Barton Springs Pool - awesome spot to relax if it is still hot as a pistol.
        Congress Ave Bats ... yeah, worth it.

        Congress ave is the hip spot in town (or was a long a time ago when I was in Austin last....). Lot's of shops and some of the old stand by tex mex joints. I'm not a fan of tex-mex in general, but there are some good eats to be had in Austin.

      2. Broadway can be intimidating but also a blast. Lots of places that aren’t brocountry and full of 20 year olds. Also you can walk in a place check out the vibe and leave if you want. No cover charges just tip the bands. Ryman tour was pretty cool too. Johnny Cash museum was decent but not great.

  3. Had a Golden-crowned Kinglet fly past me and into my garage this morning, seemingly stunned. Got it settled down, and had it perched on my finger for a few minutes before it flew off. Great way to get a lifer.

    1. Blindsight was one of those books that sat on my to-read list for years. I even have a digital copy. But I have come to realize that I probably won't ever read it. It looked interesting, but apparently not interesting enough.

      The authorship of the book post is open to all, I think it's only happened once that we ended up with two concurrent book posts and that was easily resolved. If anyone has book thoughts, the floor is yours!

    1. I am a fanboy and it was awesome. Visually stunning, great score and art direction. Good pacing. I thought they picked a good break point to end Part 1. Chalamet fits the role very well. Momoa was great, Brolin, Isaac and Ferguson excellent. Bautista was credible as Rabban. Not sure yet about Skarsgard as the Baron. I like what they did with diversifying the casting, although all of the Great House families shown so far, still white.

      If I have a complaint, it would be that there wasn't enough motivation/background built in for the "Mahdi" mythologizing. But we will get more of that in Part 2.

      Also, (minor spoiler, if you are one of the six people who've never read the novel) that we have to wait until a potential part 3 to see more Momoa.

  4. One more question if anyone can help. Has anyone seen a restaurant patio that has an actual commercial kitchen on it, or attached to it.? I have been hunting for months to see what else is out there to get some ideas of what works (and what doesn't). I was told there were a couple in Brainerd. The one I went to had one, but it had not been used for years. I made a trip down to the twin cities on Wednesday. I spoke to several food and wine salesman, along with a couple equipment supply businesses. No one was aware of any patio in the metro area that has an outdoor kitchen, other than a few that had grills they wheel out once in a while. I am beginning to feel like we may be plowing virgin soil at this point for our potential project next spring. I have my chefs and managers brainstorming on the side, but I am struggling with refining my own ideas on what would work and what it should look like.

    If anyone has seen, or been on, a restaurant patio with extensive cooking space, please let me know. Thanks!

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