21 thoughts on “October 27, 2021: Devil’s Bargain”

  1. AFL report:

    Surprise 11, Scottsdale 2.

    Matt Wallner was 1-for-3 with a home run (his second), a walk, and two runs. He is batting ,265.
    Kody Funderburk pitched three innings, giving up four runs on six hits and a walk and striking out four. His ERA is 10.29.
    Evan Sisk pitched one inning, giving up two runs on two hits and two walks and striking out none. His ERA is 18.00.

        1. I guess I'm just wired different in this regard than most of the WGOM.

          I don't love the Yankees, but I sure appreciate them. Baseball history and legend and a lot of the fun stuff is all tied up there. I'd be happy to pick them over either the Braves (a team I don't like, but don't hate) or the Astros (cheaters, hate 'em, deservedly so.).

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