The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 11. In Just Before The Deadline

Yes! Got it in before the lockout!*

Wow, the game of baseball can (very occasionally) move fast. We recorded this over Monday and Tuesday night and well over three quarters of this is definitely old news. The WGOMPTHBP, your home for breaking news several days after it happened (and punched mouth noises).

Anyway, DK, DG, N**, and HJ (me) at different times and spaces all get together to discuss the Wolves (well, that one game)! The Gophers (would that it was)! The Vikings (passingly)! The Wild (okay, we talk about the Wild for awhile)! And throughout there's a lot Twins talk with much celebration of the Buxton extension and discussion of a certain pitching strategy that WE TOTALLY STARTED TALKING ABOUT BEFORE ANYONE ELSE AND HAVE THE RECEIPTS TO PROVE IT!

* Technically not true as this was posted in the early Friday morning CST hours
** "N" means nibbish. I just did that for the sake of continuity. Maybe he should add an extra word to his handle so I can initialize it.

7 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 11. In Just Before The Deadline”

  1. The Wild will eventually lose a game again someday, but wow are they are just getting contributions from everyone right now.

    Talbot, Rask and Kulikov beat the Oilers (shout out to Brodin on shutdown duty against McDavid)

    1. They’ve played pretty solid PK recently, but I do worry somewhat about the amount of penalties they take … really should not be giving the likes of Mathews and Tavares or McDavid and Draisaitl so many bites of the apple.

  2. Hey Merriam Webster: trashcan players,most dangerous lead, piggy back inning, sharp pitchfork.

    Let us move on, to the Vikings,,,(crickets)

    Re: leftovers - Put another piece of bread over it. We're not savages

    The Strange Idea music was groovy.

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