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The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Summer Mix 2022

Well, at least the 2022 part was correct! Anyway, great job, everyone. Turned out real well. A lot of the songs were pretty heavy on minutes and seconds, so we couldn't get too deep into the weeds on 2nd and 3rd selections. Also, like a Supreme Court justice and porn, I don't know the exact time when a song becomes too long to include, but I can tell you that 15 minutes is probably a bit too long... We've got to keep these things somewhat trimmed.

Anyway, enjoy, everyone!

The ClashWhite Riot
Sonido Gallo NegroSombra (feat. Zianya González & Sylvie Henry)
Soccer MommyShotgun
Weakened FriendsPlanes
SabúOh Cuanto Te Amo
The JayhawksWaiting for the Sun
Orville PeckC'mon Baby Cry
Mystery JetsGreatest Hits
ChicagoFeelin' Stronger Every Day
The Dave Clark FiveHere Comes Summer
John Wicks & The RecordsStarry Eyes
Allen ToussaintSouthern Nights
Nina SimoneMississippi God Damn
Cory WongAssassin
Real EstateDarling
Toure KundaEmma
Mavis Staples & Levon HelmYou've Got To Move
TorresHug From a Dinosaur
New OrderBizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
Andy PrattAvenging Annie
The Beach BoysSloop John B
JellyfishNew Mistake
The Black KeysWild Child
KennyHooplaestella // (feat. Travis Barker)
ColdplayA Sky Full of Stars
The Gully BoysSee You See
Urge OverkillHeaven 90210

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 14. Trade Deadline 2022: A New Hope

Hey, gang. Things seemed to turn from partly cloudy to partly sunny since we last rapped with you, but the Twins struck a number of surprising, but seemingly solid moves. Recorded on the night of, this episode we discuss the acquisition of:

-Jorge López
-Tyler Mahle
-Hitting stud Sandy León
-Michael Fulmer

We also discuss other moves around the league, the plundering of the Twins 2021 draft class, and the likely end of Miguel Sanó in a Twins uniform. Enjoy, friends!

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 13. Partly Cloudy

We (well, some of us) are back!

We kept our focus on the Twins. Here are our topics!

-For discussion: Which shower beer goes best with your shower Reuben?
-The bullpen: Such as it is.
-The rotation: it's not bad!
-The lineup: Also not bad (Do the All Star managers still get to pick players?)
-Wait, are we actually a little optimistic about the Twins!?

Also, some video picks!
Orville Peck - C'mon Baby, Cry

Nation of Language - Across That Fine Line

Summer Mix 2022 Nominations

Well, friends, it's about that time again. Toss your nominations below.

1. The theme is "Summer". You're free to interpret that as you'd like.
2. Put your nominations in a Spoiler box.
3. You may nominate up to 3 songs. Any further nominations will be ignored.
4. Unless we get an insane amount of nominations for some reason, everyone's first choice is automatically in. The rest of the mix will be filled out with the other nominations.

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The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 12. Keep On The Sunny Side (Part II)

Sorry it took awhile to get this out, gang. Some of the info is a little stale, but be sure it was hard hitting and insanely on point at the time.
Anyway, to complete the 12th(!) chapter of our humble little podcasf, we take a look at the Wild's season and a look ahead at their postseason.

Also, it's been awhile, so we go over some recent videos:
(Go ahead and give a vote if you haven't already)

Cherry Glazerr – Time to Get Away

Snail Mail – Glory

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution

Le Tigre – TKO

Enjoy! We hope to have a reason to come back to you soon.

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 12. Keep On The Sunny Side (Part I)

Hey, gang, it's been awhile since we rapped at you. Spring is soon approaching and things are... looking cautiously optimistic for Minnesota sports teams?

A lot has happened in a short time. In this (half) episode, we delve deep into the storied history of 2022. First we take a quick look at the CBA agreement and then go through a second by second recap of that fateful mid-March weekend (as well as the other recent signings).

We'll have Part II out before long (featuring a look at the Wild), but we wanted to get this out before the hot stove overtakes our takes. Enjoy!

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 11. In Just Before The Deadline

Yes! Got it in before the lockout!*

Wow, the game of baseball can (very occasionally) move fast. We recorded this over Monday and Tuesday night and well over three quarters of this is definitely old news. The WGOMPTHBP, your home for breaking news several days after it happened (and punched mouth noises).

Anyway, DK, DG, N**, and HJ (me) at different times and spaces all get together to discuss the Wolves (well, that one game)! The Gophers (would that it was)! The Vikings (passingly)! The Wild (okay, we talk about the Wild for awhile)! And throughout there's a lot Twins talk with much celebration of the Buxton extension and discussion of a certain pitching strategy that WE TOTALLY STARTED TALKING ABOUT BEFORE ANYONE ELSE AND HAVE THE RECEIPTS TO PROVE IT!

* Technically not true as this was posted in the early Friday morning CST hours
** "N" means nibbish. I just did that for the sake of continuity. Maybe he should add an extra word to his handle so I can initialize it.

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 10. (Part 2): Technically Hours Later

This time: the Twins!

First, we have a quick Fantasy Update* (thanks again to @velcrojared for the theme). Please let us know everyone's names (and smash that like button) because we're very confused.

Then, we forced ourselves to move onto the Twins. We take a quick look at season, have a brief overview of offseason goals, discuss next year's rotation (including some discussion of a weird pitching strategy of nibbish and DK's (hmm, maybe we'll talk about that more someday)), and then go over some hard truths about position players.

Thankfully, we discovered it's a lot more fun to talk about fun teams, so we go over our predictions (and hopes) for the playoffs. To give you an idea of how much credence you should give us, our first prediction is very wrong!

*I should note that ben's bens were actually tied for 1st place in the baseball league. The league page has him noted as both tied for 1st or in 2nd. However, you're first in our book, ben. Congratulations to the co-champions (and sorry for the omission)!

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 10. (Part 1): The Thrill

Hey gang! Well, we tried to record this in full, but schedules are complicating things (nibbish got a new puppy or something I don't know). Anyway, DK, DG, and I were able to get in some quick Wild talk as Kaprizov is now safely a member of the Wild for the next few years. We also look at other signings, the draft, and the year ahead. We go to break at the end of the episode, which hopefully means we'll pick it up again sometime soon. Enjoy!

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 08.5: Quarter Baked

Okay, so the first half of this podcast is still in the shop. We talked about the Wild and their future in that part, and hopefully we can get that fixed up soon.

The second half, which did survive unfortunately, was all about the Twins. Oh, and we feature some songs from the Summer Mix (which is soooooo good).