27 thoughts on “December 2, 2021: Cup Of Coffee”

  1. I started a Wonderstate coffee subscription early in the pandemic and haven’t looked back. I get fresher coffee at the beginning of each month than I can get anywhere else; it’s roasted on Monday, ships on Tuesday, and is delivered on Wednesday morning. I get a kilogram bag that I figured out how to last me the month by dialing in my brewing ratios and measurements.

    The upshot is, I drink one 145g cup of AeroPress on weekdays, and one 400g cup of French Press on weekend days.

    1. I’ve gotten their coffee through drinktrade.com and I’m a fan. The one downside is becoming a coffee snob. (My wife especially is. Since I drink decaf, and decaf quality is muted in my opinion, I am not quite so far gone.)

  2. I’m at orthopedic doc’s office to determine if I can rehab my way out of a workplace knee injury - torn meniscus on both sides of the knee cap - or if I get to see the saw bones to “fix” the problem. Then later today I get to have a gold tooth put in my skull. Half way to pirate as my new occupation. Peg leg to be installed when the knee gives it up for real.

      1. Reminds me of the old joke...

        "A canon ball gave you your peg leg, and a sword fight the hook hand. But a seagull pooped in your eye? That's gross, but that wouldn't make you lose your eye..."
        "'Arrr... tis true, but that was the first day I had me hook!"

  3. I gave up green tea during chemo because with my altered sense of taste, it was not good. I resumed drinking it this fall when the mornings started getting a little cooler.

      1. Dark chocolate also tasted terrible, so I stopped eating that as well. And most everything tasted "off." The best things to eat were foods I wasn't very familiar (e.g. meals we'd never made before at home or takeout) because I didn't have such set expectations about what it was supposed to taste like.

  4. We learned this morning that our next-door neighbor Dave died last night around midnight. Cerebral hemorrhage. He was driving his daughter and son-in-law to the airport. Thankfully it happened at an onramp to the interstate and the son in law was able to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop.

    He was 86. Still played tennis regularly and was otherwise active and fit. Hug your loved ones.

    1. We're headed to get tested after work, just to be safe.

      We tested negative when we left Malaga, but we were in 4 airports in 3 countries after that test.

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