January 17, 2022: MLK

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

21 thoughts on “January 17, 2022: MLK”

  1. Somehow our district ended up with next Monday off, instead of today.

    But our kids are getting vaccinated tomorrow, so in order to avoid any last-minute exposures we kept them home today anyway. It seemed doubly appropriate with the holiday.

    1. And I just found out one of my brothers tested positive this morning - thankfully just a scratchy throat. I'm the last of the siblings that hasn't got it yet (other than my conspiracy sister in Texas, go figure)

    2. My uncle was in the hospital last week with pneumonia, which luckily did not result from COVID. Best wishes.

  2. I canceled my MLB.tv subscription’s automatic renewal today. I was disappointed the “Reason for Cancellation” box didn’t provide a text entry field when I selected “Other” from the list. I guess they’re not interested in why I’m dropping their entertainment product.

    I have minuscule power on my own to compel MLB to end its lockout, sign a fair CBA with the MLBPA, and fire Rob Manfred, but today still seemed like a good day to signal my solidarity with the players’ union.

    1. His Twins career was meteoric, indeed. That slider before the injury was a sight to behold. IMO his slider and Santana's changeup were the two nastiest pitches in baseball that year.

    2. Imagine a timeline where, with the ballpark legislation passed, the Twins don’t faceplant their move to Target Field with bad trades, mediocre payrolls, out-of-touch management, and the worst injury luck possible.

  3. Our dishwasher finally took a crap.

    It was old when we moved in 5 years ago, so I don't suppose I can complain too much.

    1. Apropos, I just watched an "Ask This Old House" episode that featured maintenance for dishwashers.

    1. I knew they played today, planned on watching tonight. Guess that won't happen, but at least I'm able to tune in now for the end! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Between omicron & 5G, there’s no way I’m getting in an airborne fart tube for a little while.

      Also, it is insane to me that they are admitting signal-jamming of critical avionics is an issue at this stage.

      1. Meanwhile Mrs Runner and Runner daughter leave for Mexico Friday.

        I think 5G is only a possible problem when no visibility; not sure how often that occurs.

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